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Ah HA!. Same exact thing w/mine. '89 Tristar 190, 351. It started when I had the starter rebuilt. About every fifth start or so, it'll keep going - even if I remove the key. Pretty scary - the battery gets hot, etc. I can get it to stop by thumping the starter relay (aka solenoid) w/my fist. I put a new relay in, thinking that was the problem, but the same thing keeps happening. No one else had ever heard of this problem, and no one could explain it. The best anyone could come up with was that maybe the rebuilt starter was for some reason drawing too many amps, which in turn would cause the relay to stick. This sounded good, especially b/c I could get the starter to stop by hitting the relay.

So, I got a new starter from skidim and was going to put it on this weekend. But now I'm not so sure (I guess I might as well, b/c my wife already cleared it and there's no point in not taking advantage of the green light). What's your theory? And did you ever get it to stop by simply hitting the relay?

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