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Originally Posted by MLA View Post
From Kicker's web site.

horn-loaded, titanium-dome tweeter
Here is where marketing is accurate in their description but can be misleading to those not knowing exact terminology.

You can horn load anything. Its HOW its loaded and what is BEHIND the horn that makes the difference.
The next piece really says what is at the little end "titanium-dome tweeter" or basically the same thing as any coax.
This is NOT the large voice coil, multi piece driver used in real compression horns.

Read the more detailed spec from Kicker's website and look at the pics of the horn component of KM6500.2

Type 2-Way
Woofer (in., cm) 6-1/2, 16.5
Tweeter (in., cm) 3/4, 2.0
Tweeter Horn (in., cm) 2x6-1/2, 5.1x16.5

Woofer Size, in (mm) 6-1/2 (165)
Horn-loaded Compression Driver Size, in (mm) 1.7” (43.2) compression driver, 1” (25.4) exit to True Tractrix 60x90 horn
Dome Material Titanium

The KMT's tweeter is weak by most output standards.
The louder coax's will use a 1" or larger tweet of metal or rigid material. See WetSounds 65series, Rockford, etc

Look at compression horn examples at Sonic Electronix
There are two distinct parts the driver - which is as large or larger than many coax drivers. It contains a (usually replaceable) diaphragm that is larger than the horn throat.
The horn is separate, with a throat that is smaller than the diaphragm, Compressing the sound, then it expands to the opening parameters.

I know this explanation is not exactly correct for an audiophile definition but I hope it points out the differences between common piezo tweeters, poser blends and true compression horns. - video is about 200' away shot with my Nokia phone
BTW here is a little taste of something I am playing with............
It has a 2" driver for the highs and 10" mid bass. Effective down to 150hz.
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