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Teaching kids

Last week I was volunteered to spend 4 days on Diamond Lake in WA teaching a group of young men (ages 12-18) how to ski and/or wakeboard. I've been having a number of mechanical issues with my boat for the last month so I was hesitant to accept the invitation, but ended up going anyway.

Over the course of the 4 days, we had 178 boys split between 6-7 boats. Some had experience behind a boat, but for many of them, that was their first time trying anything other than tubing. What an awesome experience to watch kid after kid finally get up after what seemed like hours of trying. Even with my boat troubles I had 17 kids get up for the first time on either skis or a wakeboard.

It was disheartening to see how many of the kids these days are so incredibly out of shape. It was good to see the big boys at least try, but for the most part we could spot the ones who would never get up before they hit the dock. If we're asked to do it again, we're going to have some kind of mandatory strength:weight requirements so we don't waste everyone's time. If you've never done it before and can't do 1 pullup, you should probably think about some other way to spend your time. Anyone have any tips for getting chubby kids up?

On the other hand, I had some borderline crazy/athletic kids on my boat. One kid, after getting up on a slalom ski for the first time ever, tried to jump the wake. He made it all the way across and crashed spectacularly. A number of other kids attempted flips and other tricks on the wakeboards on only their second day on the water.

It was a great week, in spite of the 100+ temperatures and a bit of wind and wildfire haze on Friday. If asked to do it again, I don't know how I'll say no. Maybe next time I'll have all the kinks worked out on the boat and can spend more time pulling.
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