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Looking at a 1994 ProStar 190

I have been riding behind Mastercrafts since 1979 when we had a new 1980 Stars and Stripes. I had a 90 TriStar 220 for a few years, then a 2000 X-Star, and currently have a 2005 X-Star with nearly 700 hours. I am 50 and wanting to improve and strengthen my slalom game. A friend has a 1978 S&S and has oil and engine issues.
I am thinking that this might be a nice ride:

They are my local dealer and this looks priced right. Not my 1st choice of color, but I don't want to spend much more. I am going by this am and taking cash. What should I offer? I understand that the 94 had fuel injection and the older hull, which is preferred.
What should I be looking for? Pay special attention to?

Boat looks like it has been kept dry-docked and looks pretty good in pics. Very low hours for a 19 yo boat.
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