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Took Retoxtony's suggestion and trimmed the top of the carpeted kick panel to where it was just above the medallion guage computer mounts. Was night and day easier to get the panel in and out with more room for the wiring looms to sit.

Put the sub in place to measure how high i needed to make the legs and mark out the hole. I pulled out, cut the hole, added the speaker connector, wired everything up and put the box in place and mounted the panel to the face. Installed the sub and was done. Must say, the sound is day and night better than with the free air sub! Here are some of the pics. Box is .66cuft internal and dimension on the OD are 14" wide, 14.5" tall, and 8.5" deep. I used 3/4 " ply instead of MFD as it seemed much stronger. Sprayed the inside and out with polyurathane clear and screwed/glued w/ SS screws and waterproof wood glue.
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