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Originally Posted by X7Dave View Post
When we first got our WI lake place a 'friend' on the lake warned us that he was friends with the DNR and that he would allow them to tie to his dock and watch for violators. He mentioned that to us several times. Then, one Saturday morning (after we were done with our sets thankfully) we got nailed. $20 fine plus $122 administrative fee.

Now my wife refuses to pull me without a spotter because she does not want to get fined again. Fortunately I have found a ski crew since then and get pretty much all the skiing I need. But there are some early morning sets that flirt with the law still.

I guess if I can pay $60-$80 a set for a coach, I can take the risk of $142 fine.

None-the-less - I have sent my email to everyone on the committee and my reps.

Nice friend! Sounds like the people that live on my parents lake in wi. Nothing better to do than worry about what someone else is doing.
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