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Originally Posted by X7Dave View Post
When we first got our WI lake place a 'friend' on the lake warned us that he was friends with the DNR and that he would allow them to tie to his dock and watch for violators. He mentioned that to us several times. Then, one Saturday morning (after we were done with our sets thankfully) we got nailed. $20 fine plus $122 administrative fee.
I'm not sure the DNR spends much time on our chain. The only town police vehicle is a boat that patrols the chain. But, most of the lake we are on is in another town. So that officer never comes to our Lake.

Frankly I see no spotters all the time. This is early morning when all the tourists are still hung over and the lake is calm.

But like I said, I'll play dumb. MN tags and "I thought the law was the same. Oops I won't do it again"
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