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Originally Posted by onewheat View Post
3-D printing is not going to make a plethora of AR-15's on the street - even when 3-D printing becomes more mainstream. It is still an empty lower receiver that needs to be built and you still need the upper receiver. It's just not practical to think that gangs or criminals will be whipping out lowers and creating mass stashes of weaponry.
Money talks- if someone has a ton of cash, and some gangs do, they can find someone with a 3d printer and the ability/desire to make these for whoever pays. I was talking to someone who sells at gun shows- he said a known gang leader would go to the shows and walk down the aisle, pointing to certain guns. Behind him was a group of his minions and they would work the deals so they could buy anything possible, with cash. They had been there earlier to find out who was a licensed dealer and who wasn't, so they'd only buy from the non-licensed ones.

OTOH, we recently had an ATF debacle here, intending to remove guns from the streets. Unfortunately, someone broke into the building this was being run out of and stole some of the weapons that had been bought as well as some of the ATF's weapons, including at least one machine gun (not sure which type, this was the term used in the news article).
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