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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Dude chill out because your the one dragging it that way. Most of these high end boats are just one big gadget anyway. Just so happens MC is leaving this one Great gadget out for atleast another year on the x-25.

And sorry Jason I don't buy it that it only needs it in higher HP. Many people on this and other forums comment how much better the boat handles with fins vs without. I agree it may not "need" fins but it sure seems that it does benefit from fins.
Already chilled my man, just not sure why you are on this forum stating opinions on MC products, you are not a registered user, you don't own an MC and as stated not in the market for one? Why would anyone care what your opinion is about tracking fins, flip seats etc. I'll let others chime in, for me I'm done with the subject.
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