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hi all
I managed to get some time on the boat today. I finally worked out what our starting problem is. The neutrel safety switch was not letting current from ignition to the solenoid 100% of the time. I looped this out for now and will order one. I took it out and did a continuity test on it and its dead. Hopefully that proves it?

Once I looped it out it still wasnt starting everytime and still just a click the odd time. So I used the multimeter and it proved solenoid dodgy every now and then also.

I bought a new solenoid, not exactly the same but it does the job. It's just an 12v external starter motor solenoid from auto shop. I just ran the wire from ignition (which I will loop back through when new nss arrives) to pos and a new ground to it from main cable bar. It isn't a self grounding type like the original.

Starts first go everytime! happy out.

Thre is one thing I'm not too sure of though. The orange cable from the I terminal on the old solenoid ran to the batt terminal on the coil. At the moment its not connnected to anything. I did try it to the orange on the main bar but the starter stayed on once ignition released and engine running. back feed maybe? anyway it Seems ok as is. Anyone know if it'll be ok to leave this orange wire disconnected?

Anyway sorry, back to the alarm..ooops.

I disconnected the pink wire off the circut board and it stopped. thank god!!

Everything seems ok except the temp gauge pings to max. I had to leg it so I might reconnect and see if temp guage comes back..with the alarm I'd say..

Thanks for all the help so far and I'll keep updating when I get more info
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