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Originally Posted by orbeamlb View Post
I'm running a 17 pitch PowerTech ELE4 (4 blade) on my '88 PS200. My Mercury 200XRi will turn it up to 5800 rpm WOT which is at the upper end of the recommended WOT range. Boat will top out at 50mph with me and my 2 teen boys and 49 with my wife joining us. (The PS200 hull is pretty flat in the rear like a PS190 inboard so it has a high amount of wetted surface). The four blade has helped it with holding steady speeds pulling skiers and boarders and the holding power in turns increased as well.

Here's the link to PowerTech, they will also provide technical service to help you choose the best prop for your boat and how you plan to use it.

Looked at the Mercury High-5 but couldn't find a loaner to try out and didn't want to get stuck with a $500 prop with the wrong pitch. I read where many BF200 owners run the 19 pitch High-5 with great results.
My BF200 is the V bottom boat not the flat bottom. handles chop very well, Havent had the need to run it WOT yet as its continually raining here in the sunburnt country. Although If it keeps raining I wont have to go far to put the boat in the water. the vengeance should be here before the weekend so ill see what hub it has and what hub it needs and ill post some photos.
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