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Originally Posted by markismm View Post
I agree with all of the foregoing. I had a PYLE "Marine" amp that got wet when I had a rub rail leak and fried. The fact that it was "Marine" did not in anyway help it out in that scenario. I tried to fix it by replacing the fried MOSFET transistor, but it still does not sound right. Although the circuit boards on your "Marine" amps are often coated to protect them from moisture issues, many other critical compenents are not, such asthe MOSFET transistors which are usually mounted to a heat sink. I have now replaced my PYLE Amp with two MTX car amps and fixed the rub rail leak. No probs for the last 3 seasons. As long as you keep moisture levels to a minimum and do not subject your amp to any direct water or splash, you should be okay in my opinion.
Don't base your decision of this story. Mark bought a PYLE of crap. Marine amps such as the wetsounds are top notch and will often withstand water.
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