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Summarizing surf ballast threads for an '03 X2 (aka 205v or X1): Questions!

Yes, there are 100 threads about this. Yes, I read them all. Yes, they all offer contrary advice. "As much weight as you can" is followed by "nothing but the rear tank on one side." Iím going to try to summarize what I think Iíve read, and where I think that leaves me and look to you folks for feedback:

A sample of the threads/advice
I have gotten my cleanest surf wake with nothing in the ski locker 750 on the side and about 500 in the Integrated Bow Sac from Fat Sacs. .
We get a great surfable wake on our 05 X-2 by filling a single back locker (the wake is nice on both the port & starboard), filling the center ballast, plus @200 lbs up on the surf side bow seats, and @250 lbs as far back as we can get. .
Here is our current set up for a port side wake: removed port side hard tank and replaced it with a 750 fat sac. Underneath the side port seat is a 370 fat sac that I have connected to the starboard pump. Full center ballast and 180 in the bow. .
We use the port side ballast, plus 400 lbs sack on top, 350 lbs sack in the front, and 250 lbs on the port side seat, plus 3 adults. .
In my buddies 2000 X-Star we run a 750 in the port locker, kbg full, 600 in the walk way and passengers in the rear port seats. .
My local shop
They suggest pulling the rear tanks and replacing with bags, then using bags on the surf-side seats and in the bow with manual fills. They have had poor experiences trying to plumb and fill/empty under-seat or spill-over solutions so they suggest tossing pumps over the side.

My current setup
New-to-me 2003 X2, with stock triple KGB and nothing else. Looking to weight for surfing, but able to board as well. Would prefer to not have bags on the seats and in peopleís way (but it isnít looking likely).

Iíd like to have it all push-button, but that seems out of the question. So that leaves me with:

Definitely do: replace both rear tanks with bags. Presumably 750s, what dimensions?
Keep: the kgb center bag. It seems to fill solid and well, any reason to mess with it?
Add: Bags for the bow and surf-side (starboard in our case) rear. What kinds?

1) What size bags for the rear tank replacements? The wakemakers site talks about the new X2, but I don't see listings for the X1/original XStar dimensions.

2) Similarly, I don't see an under-seat solution for the bow for my boat. Am I missing something?

3) I see people talking about lots of different sized bags for the bow/surf side passenger spaces - is there a good, middle-of-the-road size?

Thanks in advance!

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