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MasterCraft brochures available for download

The following MasterCraft and MariStar brochures are available for download.

A special thank you goes out to FrankSchwab, JohnE, phickman, and 87 TriStar 190 for taking the time to forward the files and/or brochures they had.

The PDF files recently assembled from jpg’s (1997 & 1998 MC and 1998, 1999, 2000 MS) may have issues – the pages may be out of order, etc. as these were reassembled without having a hard copy to check against. If you notice anything out of order with these files, please let me know and I will try to correct it as soon as I can. Also please note that some of these documents are a little cumbersome to navigate through (this may be due to the differing page sizes). I noticed that a double click on “PgDn” may be required to move to the next set of pages. If someone knows how to correct this, also please let me know. Thank you.


1986 MasterCraft/TriStar (sneak peak) brochure (5.58 MB) [thanks phickman]
1987 MasterCraft/TriStar (sneak peak) brochure (0.83 MB) [thanks 87 TriStar 190]
1987 MasterCraft/TriStar (sneak peak) brochure (3.41 MB) [thanks 87 TriStar 190]
1988 MasterCraft brochure (2.89 MB)
1993 MasterCraft brochure (5.86 MB)
1995 MasterCraft brochure (3.24 MB)
1996 MasterCraft brochure (2.71 MB)
1997 MasterCraft brochure (8.85 MB)
1998 MasterCraft brochure (7.76 MB)
1999 MasterCraft brochure (11.7 MB)
2002 MasterCraft brochure (13.6 MB)
2006 MasterCraft brochure (18.7 MB) [thanks Sodar]
2007 MasterCraft brochure - freshwater (10.66 MB)

1998 MariStar brochure (4.19 MB)
1999 MariStar brochure (13.46 MB)
2000 MariStar brochure (9.37 MB)

MasterCraft 300
MasterCraft /MariStar OEM Decals (1989 to 2001) for various models.
Over 70 different decals to choose from!

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