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Can I buy parts for my MasterCraft at the local auto parts store? You got any part numbers?

The answer is (1) maybe, and (2) yeah, some of them. For the record, you can buy them for Chevys, too. But I don't have any part numbers for those. If someone wants to email me some, I'll be happy to add them.

First of all, there are some automotive parts you DO NOT want to use on a boat. A few of these are (1) Carburetor (you can marinize one, but it won't work out of the box), (2) Alternator, and (3) starter. You want marinized versions of all of these things. The reason is simple. You don't want your boat to explode. The marine alternators and starters are sealed to prevent spark. The marinized carb has bent j-tubes (and probably some other things) that keep gas where it's supposed to be. There may be some other things, but they've slipped my mind at the moment. These part numbers are not exclusive. You can probably cross reference them to whatever brand you prefer.

Part Numbers for the Ford 351

Oil Filter is Motorcraft FL1A, Napa Gold 1515, Fram PH-8A or comparable WIX filter.

Fuel Filter Element is NAPA part # 3943 or #39413 (I've seen both). I'm also told that for the Racor canister filter used up through 91, the universal part # is R11T from Parker, and is the same as skidim's part number 0501.

Spin on Fuel Filter (early 90s MCs) is WIX #33225 (From NAPA)

Spark Plug Wire Set is PCM RA121008/9

Shaft Packing is 1/4" for 1:1 and 3/16" for 1.5:1

Distributor Cap NAPA part # AL171

Rotor is NAPA part # AL163

Spark Plugs for 351 HO are Autolite 764 (Copper), gap 0.035; Spark Plugs for the 351 are Autolite 24 plugs (Copper) gap 0.035.

Impeller is Johnson 812 (splined)

Water Pump Belt for 351 HO is NAPA XL 25 7448

PCV Valve is NAPA Part #2-9210; or Motorcraft # EV-68 2F16

Part Numbers for the Chevy 350

These have been collected from other owners. I can't vouch for them as I don't have a Chevy in my boat.

Oil filter (MCX) NAPA Gold 1069

Non-engine Parts

Gas Shocks for motorbox (93 - ??). NAPA #819-5592
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