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80's MC Trailers w/the Bar Problem

In the 1980's MC borrowed a CC idea and utlized a pivoting bar to prevent the boat from sliding off the front of the trailer upon rapid deceleration. However, the bar is difficult to employ when loading the boat. Some solutions that have been presented are: powerloading, loading the boat and than on flat ground hitting the brakes hard moving the boat up on the trailer and upgrading to the Boat Buddy trailering system used on all MC trailers from c.91-present.

The Boat Buddy can be purchased from Cabelas for approximately $50.
The kit includes, an elongated 3" bow eye that will replace the stock 1" bow eye and the pad/striker bar system. However, some modifications must be made to the 80's MC trailer to properly accomodate the system. Primarily some sort of stanchion needs to be fabricated and attached to the trailer to accomodate mounting the Boat Buddy. Also when designing the stanchion some thought should be given on how to accomodate the winch system by giving a substantial pull angle and room on the trailer to mount it.

I have seen a few different ideas on how to fabricate the stanchion. I took my trailer to Corbin's Trailer and Welding in North Charleston, SC and had them fabricate and mount it for me. They utlilized 1"x1"x3/16" aluminum tubing and added tapered flat metal to the end for mounting forks (see photos). I have received some questions about the mount sustaining the impact of loading. However, in the 4 years I've had this modification it has worked seamlessly and their has been zero deterioration to the mounting weld, nor any bend to the aluminum tubing.

In all I spent approximately $200 to complete the project, which in turn has paid dividends in terms of lack of frustration when loading the boat onto the trailer. I feel that the Boat Buddy is a great concept and I recommend this upgrade to anyone with the "bar" on the 80's MC trailer.

If you have any further questions on this matter please feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks--BPS

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