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wakescene 08-20-2004 12:52 PM

Electrical surge thru master fuse & radio...
Hi all
Got a strange problem.

I am getting a power surge. It ends up tripping the mater fuse (50amp) that resides on the motor.
The result is the following;
- Tripped fuse = knocks out dash and instrements but motor remians running.
- Blown Radio = killed 2 already

We have determined that it relates to the 2nd battery.
If I try to run the boat on the second battery, it happens. If I place the Perko battery switch on the ALL position, it happens.

Both batteries are less the 3 months old, and the Alternator is less than 2 months old.

All connections to the fuese have been checked for corrosion, crud and other debris.

If I run the boat on the main battery, everything is fine, but the 2nd battery will not charge.

This weekend I plan to go over the wiring to check for breaks or other suspicious looking connections. I also plan to add a Isolator to charge both batteries seperately.

Just thought I would post to see if anyone has any experience, ideas or possible thoughts as to what my problem might be.

The boat has over 400hrs of problem free operation on it, but now I am starting to get concerned.


JimN 08-20-2004 10:52 PM

Where is the battery switch located, and if it's mounted flat on the floor somewhere, can the area under it get very wet?

wakescene 08-23-2004 04:34 PM

well yes it was in a pretty bad spot. Problem with that was that I changed it out for a new one and still had the same problem with the new one only 25 minutes after putting it in.

I ended up pulling out all the wires for the batteries, alternator and Perko switch on Sat.
I started by cleaning every cable, ground and contact point. Next I loaded up and the dielectric grease in the problem areas I found that were showing signs of corrosion (I boat in Saltwater btw). I then added in the Isolator and rewired everything "my way" which was better than my dealer EVER could have done. I also moved the perko switch from the panel next to the fuel pump (yes in the bilge, but above the carpet's) to the driver side rear storage compartment.

Started everything up and started testing the voltage...14.47 SOLID at EVERY hot contact point I could find...even under the dash and at the switch's. Turned on a few pumps and the blower...14.35 SOLID! never a fluctuation.

Called the shop that has been servicing the boat for a year now...they suspect the 50amp breaker may be fatigued!!! While I think this breaker is sealed...seeing the corrosion around the contact areas for the breaker that I had to clean, I think I agree with them. I am gonna purchase another braker and install it, hopefully this will resolve all the issues once and for all. (+ I don't think crutchfield will warranty a 3rd radio if I blow this one too!)

Got a few gripes with MC after poking around the boat as much as I did...some things were a bit "overlooked". :mad: I think I could have built a few things better with an erector set!

Debating writing a letter about recommendations for future boats, if they have not been already done (I suspect not) but just don't feel spending the time to explain everything will do any more than turn into a 3-pt office hoop-shot! :confused: :confused: :confused:


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