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-V- 06-14-2012 11:20 PM

Ballast Info Breakdown
I posted this on another forum and I thought I would ask this here too;

I am looking into putting a ballst system in my boat and I am a bit confused as to how and what. I am willing to spend a little at a time and would like to be able to grow with the pieces I buy. Between the different brands and sytems I am a bit confused, so here are my questions;

1- are there certain brands to perfer or stay away from?

2-are all of the bags and pumps universal (can I use them interchangably)?

3-where is the best place to get used bags, pumps and anything else I need?

4-what would be the best pieces to look for and start with (rear, center front)

5-what is the most you can safly put in a boat before it is dangerous?

Boat is a 2000 MC 210 VRS, normally two adults and two kids in the boat when I am behind it, noone ever in the front. Wakeboard mainly but we will be getting into surfing soon so I would like to have that option.

Thanks in advance.

swatguy 06-15-2012 12:16 AM

As to the bags no one brand is really garbage.

Fly High is the most well known and does almost all the factory bags for every mfg. Their customer service and product is top notch. They are by far the easiest to plumb in with their fittings and swap bags to go bigger or smaller. The Pro X series bags are bomb proof. You doboay a little more but worth every penny. They have an abundance of fittings and parts.

Not sure what kind of boarding level you are but since you are talking surfing I would go straight to the fly high 750 in the rear compartments. I can't recall the dimensions of the ski locker in the 210 so if you can give me that I can steer you in the right direction.

You will also need weight in the bow. If you plan on wakebording with the 750's full in the rear you will want to run at least 600lbs up front. If you run the bags at say not full and around 500 each 450 in the nose is perfect

Here is where its up to you on aerator pumps or reversible pumps. Aerators you will need 2 per bag as you need one to fill and one to empty. Reversible like a jabsco ballast puppy or a johnson pump for optimal performance will just need one per bag as they are reversible. The aerator pumps fill and empty faster, the reversibles will require less plumbing. I would dedicate a thru hull for each pump. It will fill a ton faster and ease troubleshooting.

Wakemakers is a great place to one stop shop and get great advice as well as price things out. There ate a couple coupon codes out there if you can't find one git me up and I can give you one.

So I would do 2 750 fly high bags one for each side of the engine, then you have to decide if you just want to fill a 3rd 750 in you walkway, or split it up and throw a bag in your ski locker a d a 450 in the walkway. You can tun the ski locker bag and the 450 off the same pump very easily.

As far as used bags n pumps.....they are in high demand so usually they are gone when they pop up quick.

swatguy 06-15-2012 12:30 AM

The which brand pump for the most part doesn't matter, but if you plan on doing an integrated system I would stick with tsunami for aerators and johnson over the jabsco. The tsunamis accept all the fly high fittings and have great fill rates. When u get to tge reversible pumps you dont have to worry about fittings as much. You only need fittings at end of the hose.......I feel the Johnson is a bit more reliable than the jabsco, but up to you.

Its really hard to give you specifics as what you need for each pump and how to attach it to a specific bag without narrowing it down to specific items. There are just so many possibilities and combinations there is no way to offer exact info.

-V- 06-15-2012 08:29 AM

Thank you, that does help out alot. I think I am going to have to measure out the back and front and give wakemakers a call. 750's in the back and maybe a 650 in the nose with a tsnamis pump for now until I can afford to get the rest of the hardware like reversible pumps, hoses, through hull fittings and the manifold. I appreciate your help.


bouchro 06-18-2012 05:58 PM

In my small X2 2007 rear compartiment I installed a FlyHigh 1100 pounds since I was looking for a bag that fill with water every space available without restriction. When talked with WakeMakers they confirm that it was a good idea. No regret since my set up is 100% for wakesurfing. I also respected the 60% of weigh on back and 40% up front. For a X2 the wake is impressive and clean. All that to suggest to go with the bigger bags and not be limitated when wake surfing since bigger/longer wake = bigger fun... I have read it somewhere... :-)

... also do not install timers...

mikeg205 06-18-2012 06:07 PM

I run 2x370lb bags side and back and 200 up front with my 180lbs ply observer. Not a great wake but you can do inversions on my wake... if you think you need to almost sink the boat - think again

Big wake not important - scott byerly was doing tricks behind a barefoot boat - rope attatache to ski pylon...

oh..just noticed - no pfd...bad scott...bad scott!!! :D

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