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wheelerd 11-22-2012 12:26 PM

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Originally Posted by mccobmd (Post 891857)
I've looked at this in detail but just haven't pulled the trigger. I have a 06 x1. There are 2 advantages you MAY get. 1. Smaller slalom wake at slower speeds. It won't likely help alot over 32mph but at 26 to 32 I think it will. 2) The wakeboard wake is huge for people for learning to ski, wakeboard and kneeboard at slower speeds. Will help this a lot. There is limited space below the drain plug so you'll have to customize the mounting plate for the tab itself. I have tried to find flow diagrams for that hull to make sure it would be worth the money. I still may add it this summer. I you do let me know. PS it won't help the surf or wakeboard wakes other than smaller. I my X1 I run 400 in the middle bow, 150 port bow seat, 850 port locker KGB full and 400 on back seat port side. Really nice long wake for this hull.

Here are two rough fit pics from the Bennett 18" plate I just purchased. I think I'll be OK as far as the drain plug. As the second pic shows, however, I'll need to grind off the end corners so that the hinge fits around the exhaust outlets. My original intent was to purchase the 12" plate, but when I found the 18" plate at a steal of a price on Craigslist I jumped at that. Also, I discovered that the transom is slightly concave -- about 1/4" difference from center to ends of the hinge. I contacted Bennett and they suggested shimming it with stainless steel washers and then filling any gaps with marine epoxy -- something like MarineTex.

Maybe when I get around to this in the spring I'll start a separate step by step install thread.

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