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kbob 05-30-2012 11:13 AM

I have a 1994 PS 205 i'll be selling soon. Where are you located?

Iskidaily 05-30-2012 01:14 PM

+1 for the '92 - '95 205 for slalom junkies that have a family. Love that hull

Jeff Lyman 06-01-2012 10:27 PM

Slalom junkie your on the right track. I have a 93, 205 carb with the HO option motor. Inexpensive boat thats great for the family or lots of junkie friends! Check out my reponse adding a wake plate to an already good boat in the refurbish\general section. Yes the older 205s can have a "best in class" wake!

Rip..m... up!

itch2ski 06-04-2012 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by kbob (Post 844452)
I have a 1994 PS 205 i'll be selling soon. Where are you located?

Northern Utah. More info would be great!

This is all good info. I am actually going to look at a 92 205 tonight, anything I should keep my eye out for? Here is the ad:

FrankSchwab 06-04-2012 03:59 PM

Just normal used-boat items:
1. Check the steering - if it's stiff, a new steering cable will set you back a couple hundred.
2. Prop - any bending or waviness to the tips means a rebuild or new prop is in order - figure a couple hundred.
2. Gel-coat condition. Expect a few dings and small scratches. If it's through to the fiberglass, you should get it fixed - figure a couple hundred.
3. Interior condition. Vinyl degrades, and it's a couple grand to get new vinyl (and possibly a couple more to install it). Great condition interior is worth a few bucks, poor condition a few in the opposite direction.
4. Engine - run it, and have a mechanic do compression, etc. Check the engine oil and transmission oil after you run it - any signs of milkiness will be expensive. Look for water leaks on the outside of the engine after running (or while running). Same rule - if you see anything, it could be expensive to fix.
5. Trailer. Hubs should look like they've been serviced (couple hundred dollars to fix if not), tires in good shape (couple hundred if not), lights working (possibly a Saturday and lots of curse words if not), title available, no obvious rusting, brakes working (couple hundred if not), etc.
6. Bilge pump, blower, horn, fire extinguisher etc. None are expensive, but all can be an hour or two and half a hundred to fix.
7. Toys. Any extras that come with the boat are extras you don't have to buy. You'll need a set of combos for teaching friends, extra ropes, vests, a throwable, a tube for the nieces and nephews, maybe a kneeboard, a wakeboard, an easy to ride slalom.

I'd go out and see it, and if you're serious get the owner to take you to the lake and run it. If you have any concerns after the lake run, ask here and we can give you some opinions (if there's one thing this forum has, it's lots of opinions).

For my money, I'd look for a '94 or newer with fuel injection. I've had too many friends with carbs who seem to always be doing something to keep them running well. There's nothing better than dropping the boat in the water for the first time each year and having it start within a second.


itch2ski 06-05-2012 06:58 PM

Ok, so I went and looked at the 205 last night, overall a pretty decent boat. There were a few things I was bummed about, the rear seatback and the drivers seat had some splitting, the steering wheel was replaced along with the cable (not sure why) and no longer has the tilt feature, and the hull has wear on the belly most likely from being beached. The motor was rebuilt 100 hrs ago due to a cracked head and he said some high performance aluminum heads were used in the rebuild, not sure if this is good or bad. There are some things I would love to have in a boat, but not sure I can get them in my price range (EFI, Perfect Pass).

Taking all of this into account, what is a reasonable price for a 1992 carbed 205?
Thanks for the help!

Oh, what is the difference between the Velvet Drive trans and the Powerslot? It seems the Powerslot is more desireable, is the Velvet Drive inferior?

itch2ski 06-06-2012 04:52 PM

bump for some input :)

Ski-me 06-06-2012 05:11 PM

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I think the velvet drive is the type of drive from borg-warner?!?

Powerslot is just a different gear ratio to launch the boat out of the water quicker. 1:1 ratio is standard and 1.5:1(about) would be the power slot. Quicker out of the hole but you do lose a little top end speed as well.

"The transmission was the venerable Borg & Warner Velvet Drive. The PowerSlot (1:1.5 ratio) transmission was optional."

The attached Word document is also VERY valuable info for you.....

HRC 06-06-2012 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by mgorczak1 (Post 844359)
I have a 1995 205 and I love the tow and the wake or lack there of...:D

My friend has a 95 just like this one. It's a great boat, done nothing but routine maintenance since brand new. His 13 & 11 year old boys do pretty good on wakeboards and he barefoots and slaloms behind it. I've skied behind it and really liked it.

escmanaze 08-20-2012 08:37 PM

Well, shoot, I'm also in Northern Utah and on the market for an echelon LX or a 92-95 Prostar 205. I think I've ruled out the sunsetter. Did you ever find one? I hope you did so that I don't have to bid against you on the next one that comes up for sale :)

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