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Barefoot 200 Owners

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All things BF200 as well as for Barefooters

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1986 ProStar 200, Most of our skiing is done at 15 off, 32-34 mph.
I loved it!
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200 rig photo
From Skate555
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  1. atlfootr
    12-01-2009 08:58 PM
    Jim - "Upholstery Guy"

    This guy did an awesome upholstery job on my BF200!
    He did all my seats, side panels and sundeck = pics below.

    Here's mine . atlfootr

    If you need NEW SKINS, here's his contact info.
    NEW SKINS ... Here's "The Man"

    Here's "The Man" ... Upholstery

    Jim - "Upholstery Guy"
    (865) 995 0607
    (865) 679 2246 cellphn
    (call until 10:30pm)

    10-15 yrs. experience inside MasterCraft's Upholstery Dept.
    Tell 'em I sent you, lives outside Vonore, Tennessee
  2. Hanse1
    10-31-2009 04:17 PM
    I have a 91 BF200 with a 92 Yamaha ProV 200. It has hyd steering, windshield brace down the middle and a different rope bar over the engine. It was a Bartlet boat for the first year and I believe they added the stuff to it. I bought the boat from a guy who got it in 92. As you guys know it is a great boat to barefoot behind with tons of room. I skied with a ski show in the late 80's and we had a 87' prostar outboard. That was a fun boat also but the wake wasnt as good as the BF 200 in my opinion. They were built to pull jumpers. Has anyone skied behind a powerstar 200 yet?
  3. Sledge
    07-01-2009 02:06 AM
    Can we add ProStar 200 owners to this group? I just bought a 1990 last September and would like to learn more about it and the history behind MasterCraft's outboard boats.
  4. Carbide
    05-17-2009 05:25 PM
    Here's a little bit of the history of the Mastercraft Barefoot 200 (as far as I can tell). Please feel free to correct any errors. The Barefoot 200 was in production from 1991 to 1996, in 1992 hydraulic steering was added to the boat. The boat was originally paired up with a 200 hp Yamaha outboard, but I believe in the last couple of production years it was also paired up with a 200 Hp Merc. The whole design and interior pretty much stayed the same from 1992 to 1996. There may have been some minor differences in the 1991 model. I'm not sure how many of the boats were actually made. I think the ProStar 200 was the BF 200 predecessor, which had a different hull design (???? to 1990). The Powerstar was a successor of the BF 200 with an open bow (1997 to possibly 1999). I don't believe Mastercraft has made any outboards since then.
  5. Carbide
    05-17-2009 05:00 PM
    FYI, I have a 92 Barefoot 200, with a 2001 Yamaha HPDI 200 Vmax. I've owed the boat for a couple of years now and put considerable effort into fixing it up. So far I've found the boat to be the best to barefoot behind and it's not bad for slalom skiing, wake boarding and whatever else we decide to ski on at the time. Although I'm located in Ottawa Canada, we still manage to ski 10 of the 12 months each year. The season usually starts in March, by pushing 30 feet of ice out of the way to get the boat in the water. End of the season is usually in December with temperatures dipping to over 10° below the freezing point. We also ski with a J-Craft and a Malibu Flightcraft, depending on who's providing the boat that day or where we are skiing.
  6. Carbide
    05-17-2009 04:48 PM
    I thought I’d see if there’s an interest in rekindling Barefoot 200 discussions and provide an opportunity for BF200 owners to share some of their maintenance/experiences/issues etc. with other BF200 owners. I also thought it might provide discussion opportunities for barefoot as well.

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