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  1. FoggyNogginz
    05-24-2016 01:30 AM
    Sorry to hear of your troubles with the dealers. I think many of the issues that we both experienced are isolated to a select few years and models which makes it more difficult to troubleshoot. As for max temp, my Ilmor 5.7 has a 170 degree thermostat and the alarm will go off around 200 if I remember correctly. Close cooled systems can get as high as 240 before they alarm. You should not be seeing 210 in my opinion.

    As for bumping the RPMs at idle when you first put it in the water, this helps to prime the pump on the 2011-2013 models with the dripless shaft seal. These boats basically drain the manifolds each time that you pull them out of the water, so a little priming is necessary if you were going to otherwise idle for several minutes at the dock or no wake zone after initially putting the boat in the water. Of course, all of this assumes that the tstat, impeller, circulator, and strainer are all working properly.

    Good luck!
  2. JimmyDean
    05-22-2016 12:12 AM
    Thank you for your information on my overheat. I paid the dealer to dewinterize my boat and when I put it in the lake two hours away it overheated. I have been extremely disappointed in the competence of three different mastercraft dealers. I learned more from you then I did from all three dealers. Tomorrow I will try bumping rpms. What temp is bad? I got to 210 today and it bothered the hell out of me.

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