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  1. skitilldark
    12-03-2013 11:37 AM

    I will tell you that Napoleon is going to be a problem for shipping. Because he is outside the largest size that ups will handle, we are having to go through a different shipping company. Because he is so fragile and because we are shipping international, they are really sticking it to us for shipping. They want to charge is $495 to ship it and I think that is just too high. We could do a couple of things, if you would like to consider another fish that might be smaller or I could make another sailfish similar to Napoleon and make it a tad smaller. I have got another piece of driftwood that looks a lot like that pointed nose on Napoleon if you'd like to consider that. Shipping on Ulysses is half of what Napoleon is at $275.00. I will get absolute costs to you in a few minutes but thought I would give you a heads up about Napoleon. Thanks

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