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  1. TRBenj
    07-24-2013 06:18 PM
    If the '91 Ski Nautique had a 1.23 transmission in it, then it is in fact a LH (standard rotation) engine. The 1.23 reverses the direction of rotation so the SN can still swing their characteristic RH prop. Prior to '89 (introduction of the 1.23), all of the 1:1 boats required RH (reverse rotation) engines to turn the righty.
  2. SWGA Boater
    07-23-2013 09:30 PM
    SWGA Boater
    Hi, I was referred to you by James who said you know a little about Correct Crafts. I am in need of an engine rebuild for my 91 Prostar. I have found a used engine that is out of a 91 Ski Nautique. The mechanic is telling me the SN engine is a standard rotation engine (looking at rear of engine, engine turns left) and that the SN engine will be a direct swap into my Prostar. Do you know if this is the case? I had always heard that the SN had a RH prop. Is the rotation changed within the transmission? Thanks for any help and advice.


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