View Full Version : Help: can't re-key ILMOR 5.7L water pump

04-20-2017, 08:09 PM
Heya, so I found that the key came out of the raw water pump shaft of my 5.7L ILMOR when I replaced the impeller this year. Got a new key removed the entire water pump to try and get the key in. Can't do it. I recovered the missing shaft key after I removed the pump (good) but still can't get the thing to slot into the shaft (bad). Has anyone done this? Is there a magic trick? I don't see any damage to the impeller shaft, and neither the new or old key will go in (curved side is obviously goes into the shaft). Yes, please, there is a joke in there but I'm really stuck. I can take the damn thing to my dealer I'm sure but it seems ridiculous that I can't uh, get it in. Help please.

04-21-2017, 01:38 AM
Maybe try heating/freezing the parts?

Freezing the key and heating the shaft I'd guess, not sure how much you could heat the pump shaft/bearings though

04-21-2017, 11:50 AM
I ended up finally getting it. I filed a tiny amount from each side of the curve in the D part of the key so it would at least sit on top of the slot. Then I used a flat screwdriver to press it into the slot after putting a rag in the pump to protect the brass. I clear saw that someone else used the same method without protecting the brass. Grrr. But all fixed now. No way to do this whole process without removing the pump from the boat.

04-21-2017, 04:05 PM
Worked on my first Ilmor last Tuesday, it was also my first chance to really take a look at their marinization versus the older Indmar that I'm so familiar with. Most of what they've done I really like, especially the oil filter. I've heard bad things about the first round of water separators which this boat still had so we'll see about that.

One thing they really blew it on IMO is the raw water water pump. Talk about taking something simple and easy to work on and making it difficult. The one I worked on was on a 2012 X2. I had mostly clear access to the back of the pump so getting the old impeller out wasn't too bad, Putting the new one in with that key was a PITA. I could also see how the cheap plastic fitting at the bottom of the pump could be a problem too. Just seems to me that a maintenance item like a raw water impeller should have been easier to reinstall and going from a spline to a keyed impeller was a mistake. To make matters worse I'm hearing from some members that they have to remove the entire pump? I don't know, seems like really short sited engineering to me. Ilmor should be looking for a better solution than their current pump.

04-21-2017, 10:37 PM
Yeah, I had to take the entire pump out to fix it. Total PITA. Luckily I'd recently changed the serpentine belt and knew how easy it was to remove and reinstall the belt so I could remove the pump. Really the most difficult part of getting the pump out was getting the exit hose un-clamped from the fitting. There are only bad angles back there to access the screw that loosens the ring clamp. Much swearing ensued and my chest still hurts from grinding it into the hatch brace.

04-22-2017, 03:53 AM
After doing some preventive maintenace going into the fourth season and crossing the 300hr mark recently I really don't remember a part that worked out nicely...or where working on was a charm

All this is on a 2014 X46 6.0L Ilmor with closed cooling

most frequent, the oil filter, nice thought putting it where it can be reached easily, but why upside down, and that collar with the drain seems pointless, just spreads the mess further. Also I never seem to be able to get all the oil out that's theoretically in the engine, I even tried tipping the boat to the side where the oil hose is mounted on the oil pan, gives you a cup more

Raw water pump impeller, hard to get to, pump needs to be unmounted, belt to be loosened (see further down), easy to break the ellbow fitting for the shaft hose

The belt: this should be an easy one, while you're at it changing the raw water impeller in the pump, thus having to unmount the pump, why not change the belt...no chance to get the belt out between the heat exchanger and the tensioner pulley without digging in deeper and loosening the heat exchanger.
btw the tensioner is so stupidly mounted that you can hardly get a wrench there, and don't even think about turning/tensioning it :mad:

Ballast impellers are not really easy to get to either, and the pumps are still mounted with the electric part on the bottom which shortens their lifespan

Spark plugs, my new favourite: wires from the coils to the plugs are so ridicolously short that you can't unplug the connectors on the sparkplugs without at least pulling one of the coil because they are so tight on the spark plug. Would not b a big deal if the coils or plugs would be easy to get to, but these huge headers make it impossible to either pull the plug of the spark plug or put the plug back on to the coil - happy finger breaking!

All this makes me seriously doubt anybody at ilmor/MC ever performed some maintenance tests/works on an engine installed IN a boat.

I work on a fleet of 20+ different cars with a friend that is a educated mechanic, but I have not even closely experienced as much pain, as many scratches/wounds and as much bone pain as I do when maintaining the boat.