View Full Version : 1990 ProStar History Mystery

04-17-2017, 01:03 AM
Last summer my daughter found a 1990 ProStar 190 (private owner) here in central Arkansas and wanted me to go look at it with her as she was looking to buy her first boat. I crawled all over this thing twice and then drove it and told her if she didn't but it I would even if I didn't need another boat. All original including dual axle orig Masterdraft trailer, new dual batteries, and two extra impellers. It was dirty and needed TLC and good buffing but all original and 505 hours. Tired interior but no rips or splits. But when looking at the back of the boat I immediately thought it must have been a former club boat because of the name. See attachment. Owner claimed to be second owner and didn't know the name history, only it had always been there. I started searching clubs and found only one with that name in WI but they had no history of a 90 as a club boat. Then by luck I found an add in a 1991 Water Ski magazine for Water Walkers with the same feet for W's logo. Bingo - a match! Unfortunately they were a CA business and folded long ago. So I'm trying to figure out if this boat might have been a promo boat for that company at birth, maybe Water Walkers paid to put teir logo on for a season in the CA circuit? Some other explanation? I've sent a couple notes to MC but no reply so thought I'd ask this group for any insights. It looks like the name could have been applied at the factory. I told my daughter I'd be inclined to take it off and buff it out but she thinks it's unique and cool and plans to leave it. I'm just curious though if anyone has thoughts on how this would have come to be. See attached picture