View Full Version : I believe a lot of us have lake houses, so...reverse osmosis systems?

04-05-2017, 07:54 PM
anyone have one? looking to get a simple one for under the kitchen sink since I refuse to drink our well water...

04-05-2017, 08:22 PM
I have one, it came with my softener and iron filter. I hooked it up to the fridge in the basement, good ice and eliminates the need to replace the $40 water filters in the fridge.
Kinetico water system is what I have.

04-05-2017, 08:27 PM
Not exactly what used asked, but growing up we had those pur filters attached to faucet in the kitchen sink and when we wanted drinking water we would filter the on and it tasted great. Our well smelled like rotten eggs and was high in iron. Now my parents have a softener and it works great too.

04-05-2017, 08:32 PM
funny, our house REEKED of sulfur when we bought it, awful smell when we used the hot water. dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc. coughed up the dough for an iron filter, best money ever spent and I think the new softener and iron filter was only about $1500 in total. much better now! but I don't like well water. the Pur is definitely a good idea. replacing the formica this month with granite and having holes drilled for the faucet and soap dispenser. Figure I'll have them drill a hole for a future ROS setup and I can always plug it with a stopper until I decide. This house is costing me moolah but it's already gone up in value about 20% so I can't complain after only 2 years of ownership.

04-05-2017, 08:35 PM
the problem with the Pur setup might be that i have one of those faucets that have a pull out spout for spray...

04-05-2017, 09:44 PM
If you don't have soft water, or a softener, the RO membrane will get scaled up pretty quickly and reduce output. Also keep in mind that one of these residential systems rejects at least 2 gal for each 1 gal produced.

And so.... we drink bottled water at our cottage.

04-05-2017, 09:49 PM
We have a softener and go through cases and cases of bottled water each week.

04-06-2017, 07:40 AM
We have city water at our cottage but well water at our house. We put in a reverse O system last year and love it. If you can work on your boat you can install one of these yourself and they're cheap to buy at Costco or one of your big box home improvement stores. Lessons I learned from my installation.....

When shopping for a system find one that you can easily get filters and membranes for. I went on the cheaper side by going on the internet and got a nice system but finding the filters wasn't the easiest. In retrospect I would have purchased a system that was sold locally as those companies tend to be more financially secure and getting parts is easier.

Maintenance. Understand that there will be maintenance with any of these systems and depending on how much you use it will determine how much is needed. The filters will need to be changed every year (minimum) and the membrane every 2 to 3 years. You'll also want to sanitize the system once a year when you change the filters. None of this is a big deal and is fairly easy to do in an hour or so.

Plan out your installation and figure out how many devices you'll want to feed. We have both our refrigerators and a faucet on the sink being feed by our system. Doing this required installing a booster pump but we get great water and ice through the doors of the refrigerators as well as from the faucet on the sink. This was well worth the extra effort

All in all we're very happy with our system. We haven't bought a case of water since putting in the system last year. The key is knowing what capacity of water you'll be using, making it easy to get to and buying a quality system to start with. At least that's what's worked for us.

04-06-2017, 07:41 AM

We have water very high in iron bacteria (rust). One of the first things we did was have Lindyspring come and analyze our water and install water treatment. It was expensive but I have never regretted it once. I have bottled water out of every faucet in the cabin. The water is filtered, sanitized, and softened.

04-06-2017, 08:06 AM
We just have an Iron Curtain to filter the iron (close to iron country in Wisc). If your afraid of your water, have it tested. Usually if the well is over 30 feet deep the water is fine. If its the taste you don't like, well that is a different story. But if you have it tested and there is nothing bad, its not going to hurt you.

04-06-2017, 08:33 AM
We have the iron filter and the water softener, both a year old, so in good shape there. Was thinking just getting the system for under the sink to feed a tap on top. I guess I could somewhat easily run a tube/pipe from the sink to the fridge - it's a decently long run but I think I can drill out holes in the backs of the cabinets and run it through...right now we don't even have an ice maker in our fridge, or at least I don't think we do. older fridge.

04-06-2017, 08:36 AM
was even thinking of using Culligan...

04-06-2017, 09:26 AM
anyone have one? looking to get a simple one for under the kitchen sink since I refuse to drink our well water...

That's what we have. Works great, just slow out of the spout FWIW.

04-06-2017, 09:33 AM
WE do not have an osmosis sytem but have the following

Sediment filter
Carbon Filter (w/auto backwash)
UV filter

Our water is tested annually and safe to drink. We have it setup where our lake water comes in and it feeds the entire lake house. two full washrooms, laundry, kitchen and outdoor shower.

04-06-2017, 09:37 AM
We started with well water for our home in Colorado....nasty stuff. Came out the color of Tang!

The best, Kinetico K5. We feed fridge, and two sinks in the kitchen. The big difference in the Kinetico vs. others, water pressure. The Kinetico K5 probably has the best pressure. All this comes at a cost, $1800 or so. Also need to have it professionally installed. That price includes install (going from memory).

For our lake place in Idaho, got one off of Amazon. It's slower than the Kinetico, but a fraction of the price. And I installed myself. $275.


04-06-2017, 09:43 AM
thanks! that one on amazon looks good and has good reviews. I think i just need to have it for the kitchen sink, we don't really use ice surprisingly. probably because all i drink is beer...

04-06-2017, 09:56 AM
I hate the water at our house... It's awful. Rarely have I lived anywhere with this bad of water. I bet the water being recycled from my septic and sprayed on my yard would taste and smell better. Luckily, I've only been sprayed by it once (nice face shot too). :mad:

My 2 solutions:

1. Water cooler and home delivered water. The two of us were not using more than 15 gal/mo and I drink alot of water. Most of it was going into the coffee pot.

2. I bought an inline water filter for our fridge. So, The water that's coming out of the new fridge is actually double filtered. In fact, its good enough, I've only had 3 bottles delivered since November when I installed inline the water filter.

You'll need another hose to install this water filter, but I am not kidding, it worked. My tap still sucks though.


04-06-2017, 09:58 AM
we thought about a water cooler (bubbler if you live in Wisconsin...) but we don't really have the space for it! much easier if we did.

04-06-2017, 10:09 AM
Forgot to mention... I also rigged up an under counter ice maker with the same inline filter. The ice maker was a high end Craigslist special I picked up for $200, with a built in drain pump.

I installed a standard garden hose splitter off of the cold water from the clothes washer, ran a hose to the filter, then a hose from there into the ice maker. For the drain hose, I bought a brass extension,2 clamps, and a 6' hose, and I drain the excess into the same drain hole as the clothes washer

I have awesome mixed drink ice. :D

04-06-2017, 11:36 AM
thanks! that one on amazon looks good and has good reviews. I think i just need to have it for the kitchen sink, we don't really use ice surprisingly. probably because all i drink is beer...

I have it driving my ice maker and faucet in kitchen. One thing to note, well water pressure is usually lower than city water....so don't expect a ton of pressure. I did try installing a permeate pump to try and boost pressure, but it didn't really work very well.

I've been very pleased and don't taste anything with the Amazon unit.

04-06-2017, 11:52 AM
we have an iron filter then i added a carbon block filter for the drinking water.. the sell them at the box stores.. the filters are $50 a pop but that is only $100/ year and the water is fantastic...

04-06-2017, 12:02 PM
We actually have pretty good pressure with our well.

04-06-2017, 12:55 PM
I have 2 RO units. One for my saltwater tank to make water for water changes and top-offs and another to supply drinking water to the house. There are many places to get the systems. Marine specific systems will use a deionization filter that you don't need for drinking water use. Get a siz-able storage tank for your system. There are 50, 75 and 100 gallon per day units. The better units come with the option of a TDS monitor, a booster pump to supply the minimum pressure to the system so it makes water. Make sure it has an auto on-off switch or your water will constantly be running through the system.
Drs foster and smith, marine depot, buckeye field supply, the filter guys and bulk reef supply are a few places on line to compare info.

04-06-2017, 01:02 PM
Thanks! I ended up getting the Apec from Amazon.