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04-01-2017, 11:27 AM

I don't post a bunch, however I read most all post and I love the amount of knowledge on the board!! I wish I would have known about the board before I bought my last boat!

I have a lake cabin and when my kids where younger I always had a Cobalt. One skied and the other wakeboarded; as they got older and more advanced I decided it was time to buy a V-Drive.

I looked and did research for about a year before deciding on a 2008 x1 because i felt like it was a great wakeboard boat and good skiing boat. Well now that my kids have surfed my daughter who was the skier now only surfs and my son still is a wakeboarder.

I'm looking to upgrade to a better surfing boat without giving up a great wakeboard wake. Couple of other items, we are on a private so i have a length restriction of 23 feet without swim platform and I really want a GEN 2 boat however not sure I want to spend the money.

I would love to know your thoughts between X10, X15, X25, and X23.

My budget will be around 60,000-65,000.

Thank you for the feedback.

04-01-2017, 11:33 AM
Early x25s will be a relatively easy find in the 60s. However, used x23 prices are still in the 90s+. An x15 with go surf assist would be a great choice for you.