View Full Version : Heater repair- 99' 210VRS

05-27-2014, 09:15 PM
I have been searching for more information on troubleshooting/repairing my heater but cannot find anything.

I purchased a 99 Maristar 210VRS last fall and just put it in the water for the first(and second and third) time since last week. First Pic in water:


The boat should have two heater tubes, one on the port side under the passenger seats, and one under the drive footwell. I am missing the tube under the driver, but I am unable to locate someone who sells these parts- does anyone know a part number for this and/or place to purchase?

I would imagine that my other heater tube should blow air when the Aux switch is on, but it does not blow anything. Is this the correct switch? Any ideas on how to trouble shoot the heater? I was thinking fuse(does the boat have one?), then fan(where is this?), then heater core(but it doesn't blow any air- so I doubt this would be the only issue)