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05-27-2014, 05:00 PM
I thought that I would post some of the things I have done to spice this older bay up for the summer that hopefully starts here in Finland this week after I get my exhaust fitted back and my new propeller in....

When I picked up the boat in the end of September 2013 I first ordered:

*New sundeck support bars as the old ones had the surface treatment pealing off and I did not want to go through the trouble of soda blasting them and repainting ....lazy me
*Then I ordered the tower braces that this boat for some reason did not have
*ordered few smaller bits and pieces that had broken due to normal use
*of course I cleaned her up real well :)
*I ordered battery boxes that the previous owner had removed for some reason
*I replaced one of the batteries with a new Optima blue top, so now boat has 2 optima blue tops
*I tweaked the JL audio crossovers that actually only low frequencies are coming out of the subwoofer and mid is coming from the mid ranges and highs from the tweeters
*replaced the OEM steering wheel with the Isotta Katiena
*and I removed the rudder, greased the rudder housing and replaced the grease nipple... this made a night and day difference in the feel when you turn the steering wheel even off the water

That was about it before her winter sleep... Boat has yet to see water in Finland

Here's few pics of her when I got it:

05-27-2014, 05:23 PM
Ok, so now I have her in my car port and this week I have been able to install:

*The new PIGGY BACK FlyHigh ballast system 1100 lbs jumbo surf sacs in each rear locker all plumbed in
*New jabsco timers to allow for excess water capacity
*I added to the Wakemakers bow ballast system 375lbs x 2 sacs a custom valve setup that I can only fill one side of the bow ballast to make the boat tilt better with the KGB. I really hope my VALVE system will work, but install at least was fun and it also looks pretty impressive
*THen I have an extra 550lbs FlyHigh x 2 sacs and a tsunami pump to tweak her up even more to create that great surf wake
*Our local gelcoat repair guy came yesterday to fix the one spider crack that the boat had and luckily it was only the gel that had cracked, the fiberglass underneath was perfect. This has been there probably for a while from the looks of it.
*Also the exhaust had to be removed as the insides of the port exhaust had flown off sometime during last summer and as I removed the damaged exhaust it took a piece of gel with it --> that had to be repaired
*So after we have sanded the and polished the surfaces I will install a new shiny exhaust on and at that time I will be able to connect a garden hose to the flush port and start her up for the first time... ou yeah
*I also replaced the fuel filter along with new gasket and screws, which is a terrible job, I absolutely hate that job, are there other s who hate it or am I the only one?
*I installed a bunch of decals, new domed side decals from waterskis.com --> they look awesome and made locally a white MC shield decal for the front hull and that is on. registration decals and I still have a black shield decal for the transom
* Oh and then I have a brand spanking new MC mooring cover in a box. I will need to buy some sunbrella fabric and take the cover to a repair shop, that they can modify the tower leg cutout so that they are 50 cm tall or 1 and a half feet tall and have wide velcros on them that they will seal the boat interior from rain.

05-27-2014, 05:34 PM
I still have this week a job list of:

*installing the new exhaust
*installing the new ACME 1285 prop, this was supposed to be an easy job, but as there is an interference issue with the prop not having enough space to seat properly on the shaft without hitting the strut, I had to take the new acme to a machining work shop where they will take a little metal off it that it will seat properly on the prop shaft. This was the best solution as the other would of been to do a much bigger project with whole drive line and I do not even know whether this could of been done.

AND hopefully I can start her up in the car port for the first time and see that everything functions properly before dropping her in the lake PYHÄJÄRVI where she will reside for the summer.

06-01-2014, 05:11 AM
Ok, so I am now very close on taking her to water. I have installed the new exhaust connected all the hosing and done the needed maintenance including charging the batteries. I hooked up the garden hose on the flush port and started her up.... Wow what a sound !!!
So I was real happy... I turned the engine off and notifed quite a lot of water in the bilge. After investigating the root cause was an oil cooler for the engine oil that was mounted tiuching the rear engine mount. Constant contact with the mount had rubbed a hole to the end of the cooler and water was spraying out of that hole.......
What is the best place to get a new cooler from for my crusader engine?

06-01-2014, 10:41 AM
Keep up the good work.......... :)

06-01-2014, 04:57 PM
Looks very good !

You should post a separate & specific question about your cooler - it will be easier for people to see it.