View Full Version : Slalom ski recommendation for a little munchkin

05-27-2014, 11:33 AM
I made the promise to my kids, get going on a slalom ski with the kid's skis that we have, make it around the lake twice, and cross both wakes, and I'll buy the slalom ski of your choice. Well, I thought I had some time but my 10 year old, 4'-0" munchkin took it to heart and she has been working it hard. Dad is going to have to get his checkbook out real soon. :o

So what do people recommend for a dedicated slalom ski for a shorter kid that will (hopefully) grow? I would rather buy the best and only cry once. She almost has water starts on a slalom ski worked out too, but she will probably be dropping a ski for a while yet. Although, she is determined and I bet she will have the water starts worked out in few weeks.