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05-18-2014, 07:24 PM
08 x2 where can I get a black Bimini cover that says mastercraft? Mines wearing out. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/05/19/aqeja3us.jpg

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06-06-2014, 07:51 AM


06-06-2014, 11:29 AM
I believe Apex Canvas in Tennessee made them Not sure if you can get a replacement directly from them.

However, mine was just as bad and I had a local shop make mine with Sunbrella using the old one as a template. Came out really nice. I chose not to have Mastercraft put back on.

06-06-2014, 04:34 PM
Great lakes boat tops in vonore TN, not sure if you can buy directly from them or not but i know they make some of the MC covers and biminis.

[email protected]
phone: toll free 877-867-7861 or 423-884-6761

06-06-2014, 04:40 PM
keep us posted if you find one. mine looks just like yours!

06-06-2014, 04:50 PM

Hope this helps

06-06-2014, 07:27 PM
Apex canvas would not sell me a Bimini cover they said it was only available through a mastercraft dealer

06-09-2014, 03:12 PM
The part number for my 2008 x2 Bimini cover (they call it a boot) in black is 483921jbbb. It's $219 and has to be ordered from the dealer.

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06-09-2014, 09:17 PM
FYI - sent Great Lakes email regarding bimini boot for my 2005 over weekend and received prompt reply at 8:30 Monday morning. Unfortunately, they don't have "because we did not pattern the original factory canvas for this manufacturer that year."

Calling Williams Bros tomorrow.

06-10-2014, 12:56 PM
Apex makes them, but as you found out... They have a contract not to sale direct, but call your local dealer or www.waterskis.com and they will get you one.

06-10-2014, 02:15 PM
Just bought one about 2 weeks ago from Charlotte Ski Boats (www.charlotteskiboats.com). Cost was 98 bucks plus shipping.