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04-11-2014, 05:23 PM
I'm looking at a 1989 Mastercraft Maristar 240. It has a indar 454 motor that was rebuilt in 2007 with approx 110 hrs on it. I'v never own a MC, but I've had outboard boats and I/Os before. What kind of things should I be looking for? Are there any known problems with this boat in general? My goal is a bigger boat, open bow, I have 3 boys that all tube, ski, wakeboard and like going fast. Wife likes to lay around watch and be able to move around. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

east tx skier
04-11-2014, 06:33 PM
Welcome. This isn't engine specific, but it should help.


04-11-2014, 07:10 PM
Take some time and search, there are several 240 and 240sc threads.

Its a decent all around hull. The larger, heavier hull produces a decent wake. I have the original waterski mag article somewhere that rated it average for skiing but above average for trick skiing - read - bigger wake than they liked back in 1990 which is now sought after by the wakeboard crowd.

1991 also had an all composite layup noted, I don't know if it goes back to the prior year or not?
Floor should feel solid other than the metal panel covering the direct drive between engine box and center rear seat, it will flex.
Great freeboard, interior room and wave handling ability for a boat of that generation.
It is large at nearly 25' so if you have never driven a rudder boat it will handle differently and lumber a little bit more than the smaller dd's around the docks. Stern will tend to swing so spend some extra hours learning to dock and back effectively.

Kids will love it for boarding a tubing with the tight turning radius and driver will like the smooth steering and throttle vs an IO.
Low 40's will likely be top speed, much over that and it will try to porpoise in a little chop.
Observers chair swivels which should be nice for the wife.

Make sure the trailer is sound with good brakes. It is a load and will push around a 1/2 ton if brakes are not working well.

I like mine and a comparable newer boat would be significantly more. With the high gunwales, a tower has plenty of head room but make sure they did an overly good job mounting and glass in backing plates. The upper deck is thinner than you might think. Tower is also a good investment since the ski pole is in the center.
As with any boat, Perfect Pass will make life (married) much more fun and worth the extra grand there too.
With a full 62 gal tank of fuel and people across the back a 400-600# fat sac in the walkway will bring the bow down and improve the wake.