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03-29-2014, 02:03 AM
so I have a 94 prostar 190 with the lt1 iv had a few years, the previous owner replaced one of the u hoses that goes to the raw water pump, with something not meant for the boat, iv had no issues but I wanna start fixing the little things, I hear they are hard to find, anyone have any ideas on where I can find one?
http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii31/morgan320i/IMG_81471_zps20865959.jpg (http://s260.photobucket.com/user/morgan320i/media/IMG_81471_zps20865959.jpg.html)
http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii31/morgan320i/IMG_8140_zps6dd75e72.jpg (http://s260.photobucket.com/user/morgan320i/media/IMG_8140_zps6dd75e72.jpg.html)

03-29-2014, 02:09 AM
also I have never replaced the thermostats, I run cool all day but once again I wanna replace,
there is two correct?


which 2 do I need

03-29-2014, 02:30 AM

1st and 3rd

Also need 4th and 6th

03-29-2014, 02:35 AM
6th goes around 3rd and is your upper stat

4th goes with 1st and is your mixer stat.

Also picture looks ligit on hoses.

03-29-2014, 02:42 AM
You should also consider part # 122010 from skidim

03-29-2014, 11:48 AM
Dang that boat is sexy

03-29-2014, 11:52 AM
Hose thread below


Wasn't this purple prostar for sale a few months ago?

03-29-2014, 12:17 PM
I thought about selling it for a minute but realized I love it to much. this boat brings my family and I a lot of happiness and until I buy a brand new one its not worth selling to me, I had people offer me more then I was selling it for, one guy almost 2k

03-29-2014, 12:22 PM
Well you should keep her until you're ready or want to afford a new or newer model.

03-29-2014, 01:06 PM
we will. we were looking to buy a brand new boat or brand new toy hauler, we bought a brand new toy hauler so now the boat has to wait