View Full Version : 2004 X2 350 MCX Engine Hunting & Stall

03-20-2014, 04:11 AM

I am new to this forum so please bare with me!

I own a 2004 Mastercraft X2 350 MCX in the UK and have had some issues towards the end of last season.

The boat starts on Petrol and when it reaches running temp automatically switches to LPG. After approximately 2-3 hours use the engine intermittently hunts (revs up) when bringing the throttle back into neutral and also when just in gear, occasionally it will just stall. As far as I can remember the check engine light does not come on at this point. All gauges are reading normal.

I have taken it to a Mastercraft specialist in the UK who ran a diagnostics on it but no fault codes were shown. He also changed the Air filter & replaced the plugs along with a few other things. Annoyingly it didn't seem to happen whilst in his hands so came back to us apparently fixed!

I am about to take the boat to my local marine engineer this weekend to be serviced ready for the beginning of the season and would be very grateful if anyone who has experienced the same problems or recognizes the symptoms could point me in the right direction! My fear is that with few Mastercrafts in the UK & engineers having little if no experience with them I will just end up replacing part after part and getting nowhere!

Thanks in advance