View Full Version : Barefoot international V-drive boom or tower boom

03-06-2014, 03:12 PM
i have two kids that are really wanting to get into skiing and wakeboarding. I am wanting to get a boom for them and contacted barefoot international and they said that there are two options for my boat. The first is that i can get a v-drive boom and attach it to the removable pylon the second is to get a tower boom. The boat is a 2011 X15, if i get the v-drive boom they want me to call them and they will walk me through the instillation and then do a test to see if the removable pylon will survive. As it was explained to me you basiclly have people hang on to the boom while it is on the boat on the trailer and make sure that the pylon dosent break. This kinda makes me nervous. The other optionion is to put it on the tower which dosent have any testing needed. the down fall to that is they say you really need to be on land to rempve and install the boom. I dont know if i want to ride around all day with the boom on the boat. Does anyone out there have experience with the v drive boom and a removable pylon? Thanks for the help guys

03-06-2014, 05:08 PM
the v-drive boom on a v-drive has tons of spray, making it harder for people to learn

the tower booms works well ... i've used one of my X14 before ... but they do take some time to set up. Once the set up is completed, you can just keep the quick connects on the tower and and install the set up fairly easy. The other positive is you can install in on the driver side

i would go with a tower boom ... or better yet a new 2014 prostar!

03-06-2014, 06:01 PM
I would recommend the tower boom. When I purchased mine Mike said a removable pylon could not handle the stress of the V-Drive boom. The tower boom works great and my only complaint is you have to always water start, no more hopping out onto the boom.

Initial install of the tower boom is definitely on shore but if you want to set it up or take it down on the water it just takes 2 people and a third for backup. We perform water setups all the time and take it down when we want to surf.