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03-01-2014, 04:24 PM
OK being fairly new to the forum posted a WTB a ski in the forum. Had someone respond dbb50 Under it was listed as Banned- Rightly so, but I didnt know what it meant at the time- So I went down the path- If this comes up or the following email- Its a SCAM- [email protected] It didnt cost me but could of if they had been a bit smarter. For INFO- Wingnut

03-01-2014, 04:36 PM
Yeah, someone started a thread about Ms Linda on here with a link to a google search about her.

I was hoping she could get me an autographed Biebes photo!!! :D

03-01-2014, 05:57 PM
I wanted that autographed Kidder ski for $2500......

03-01-2014, 06:54 PM
I wanted that autographed Kidder ski for $2500......

I was going to put that on my list too, but I figured it was a stretch... even for Ms Linda!!! :D

03-02-2014, 10:05 AM
She had high grade pot to, didn't she? :rolleyes: