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12-05-2011, 02:24 PM
I have been looking at Maristar 210s when I ran across a 2001 PS 205V that I fell in love with, at least from the pictures. To recap, I am looking to get a boat for the family.. older daughters and 1 grandson, freinds, ect.... I grew up skiing and the kids enjoy kneeboarding & wakeboarding (or at least they try to). Until a few years ago the family had a 23' I/O that we used regularly. I've read that the PS205V is a great general purpose boat and I believe I will need to add ballast to produce a decent wake. The boat is in great shape, listed below NADA, 1owner, with the LT-R engine, tower, & perfect pass. from the pics the carpet will need some love.. it looks like a good cleaning should do the trick.. so what do you guys think? Any known issues with this model? Anything I need to look out for?


12-05-2011, 03:15 PM
The 205V is a great boat that does a ton of things very very well. The biggest issue you are going to have is space after being in Maristar 210's (if you have)5 adults and a couple kids are the max. The boat gets really really tight quick.

However from a performance standpoint of driving, wakeboarding, skiing,, surfing,, It will out perform the 210 in all except maybe the surfing. I have yet to be in a fully weighted surfing 210, bit I would guess the pocket is a bit longer than that on the 205v. The 205v will also drive like a sports car compared to the 210 which will drive more like an older Lincoln/Cadillac.

Biggest issue was vinyl. Really check out the piping and stitching. Their vinyl was terrible that year. Give a good press to get to the seams on the piping apart and look at them. Other than that the usual "boat" things. Also ask to see if the owner did the alternator bracket upgrade. That was an issue on the LTR.