View Full Version : zero off vs. perfect pass using RPMs

11-28-2011, 10:12 PM
Any thoughts on whether the zero off option is worth it. I rented an X15 this past summer and had some issues with all the ballast in maintaining the speed with the perfect pass. A friend suggested to use RPMs instead of MPH. Thoughts?

11-28-2011, 11:21 PM
It depends on where your riding for sure. I am willing to bet the rental wasn't calibrated and possibly the drivers weren't familiar with the pp. Pp works great when calibrated, but if you ask me on a lake situation gps/ zero off is way to go or pp stargazer.

If you ride a river with current the regular pp is way to go. I know a ton of people who use rpm mode on their pp. Works for them, but they ride the same weight config all the time for all their riders. I empty n fill ballast all the time for various riders and found rpm for me doesn't work that well. Again tho plenty of proletarian use rpm mode for a smooth pull. My pp runs off paddle wheel and is usually within .5mph.

11-29-2011, 01:58 AM
I have a 2010 X-15 with PP and BIG. At first I had some difficulty with PP overshooting (a lot) and not holding speed. I found that if I played with the KDW setting (set higher as you increase ballast/weight) that it worked much more to my liking. KDW, NN and CS settings are explained at http://www.perfectpass.com/download/usersmanuals/DBWMasterCraft_WakeboardPro2008Graphics6_5NgJune20 07.pdf. Although this manual is for VDIG, it does explain those settings. The MC manuals for the BIG really do not explain well. The sales guy at my local dealer pointed this out to me.

I've not experienced zero off so I can't comment on the difference or if it is worth it.

However, I find that PP stays within a couple tenths of MPH setting unless I'm in a hard turn reversing direction. In the case of reversing direction, I'm generally slowing the boat down a little bit anyways via a little throttle control while PP is still engaged. I used a handheld GPS to calibrate the speed and all seems to be consistent at this point.

I've got updated software for my viper/BIG around the end of summer. Now the KDW, CS and NN settings are a separate screen. In the older software they were part of the rider settings. I like the fact that they are now separate. So far I have really only changed KDW. I plan to play more with CS and NN now that they will be easier to change being separate settings.