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I'm shocked. You mean the political agenda bought by the Midwest corn farmers and paid for by all of us is really bad news for everyone but those farmers and the bought politicians? Say it ain't so. Ethanol has been a loser and a scam from day one and has cost us all in the form of subsidies and damaged engines. Why Washington continues to push this agenda on us in these economic times and we continue to allow them to do so is beyond me.

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Has anyone found a link to more in depth review of the studies parameters rather then just the conclusions?

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The first thing that jumps out at me is:

E15 fuel due to the fact that the engine ran approximately 4.5% leaner on the E15 fuel at Mode 1.

Even open loop, non O2 senor feedback, the motors running leaner which = hotter. It is noted that valve train issue would be more common. IE burning a valve or cracking one.

Then it also goes on to discuss premature exhaust catalysts failures from the higher exhaust temps.

They did not test long term storage or E10/15 fuels but made some basic assumptions that we already knew about.

Seems like a good study.

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This caught my eye...

Ethanolís ability to absorb water into the fuel is of paramount concern for the marine market and this issue has not been addressed in this test program. The contaminants that water can bring with it, potentially saltwater, can cause severe corrosion in fuel systems. A leak or fuel system failure could cause the engine to be inoperable and leave the vessel stranded, which would obviously be a major dissatisfaction to the customer. In addition, a better understanding of the effects higher ethanol blends have on marine fuel systems in terms of materials compatibility and corrosion is needed. Marine vessels tend to have very long storage durations, can be stored in very humid environments, and will have more opportunities to have fuel system exposure to water, including saltwater.
Stabil Marine and/or Seafoam always as an additive... has kept my outboards and inboard running well.

Let's see- what do you think...another 5 years of study - while our motors deteriorate?

02-01-2012, 03:05 PM
I was just talking with a guy at work about this. He just had a carb rebuilt on his chainsaw. The mechanic said he is really starting to see this issue come up. The E-15 is killing small motors and carbs, mainly due to the higher water content and leaner running mixtures. Its killing piston rings as well. It's a crying shame they are letting this stuff happen.

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I'd have to change out the fuel pump on my John Deere every three years due to deterioration of the diaphragm. Dealer stocks them by the dozen now. Told me before the E10 was in place they rarely sold any.