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11-02-2011, 10:55 AM
Hello everyone , this is my first post on the forum . I will start by saying that I just purchased a 205 last week .. I paid $3000 for the boat , the hull is in great shape , not a scratch. It is oxidized alittle but a wetsanding and a buff will take care of that . The motor need to have the carb rebuilt im sure as it runs alittle ruff. I plan on changing out the plugs and wires , new fuel filters , oil change etc..I guess we will see how that all goes . As far as the interior goes all is still in great condition except the drivers seat and motor box..All in all I think I stole this boat for the price that I paid for it . All work minus the covering of the driver seat I plan on doing myself .

With that being said the reason for this post is to ask about the dash. I did alittle homework through searches on here and found that the guage cluster in the dash is a common problem on the older prostars ..The one on this boat is falling apart . The holes for the guages are rotten and the guages are just hanging ..

My question is do they still make this dash piece anywhere or am I going to have to fight the fiberglass and make one myself using the old one as a template.. Any help would be appreciated ....
I will try and post some pics of the dash tonight after work ...also post pics of the boat so far , as I plan on redoing the whole thing over the winter . I went into this deal with a Nice Bayliner sitting in the garage , I know its a Bayliner , but it has never failed me to this day and I have owned it brand new since 96. If all goes well with the motor on the mastercraft, I will be selling the bayliner come spring ....FINGERS CROSSED TIL SPRING

Double D
11-02-2011, 11:09 AM
You stole that thing!!! Hurry with those pictures and welcome to TT!


11-02-2011, 01:43 PM
Dang a 92-205 for 3K


I need a deal like that

11-02-2011, 03:53 PM
Did that boat come from CT?

11-02-2011, 06:22 PM
Yeah I think I stole it too so far . We will see how the motor does before I start dancing..!!! And to mcantamessa no the boat is out of missouri, wierdly enough it was originaly purchased in memphis where I am at, and now it has found its way back home I guess ...

11-02-2011, 06:27 PM
one of the motor - 351 Windsor
I still havent put a can of degreaser and a pressure washer to it yet and it looks like im gonna have to paint the valve covers

11-02-2011, 06:39 PM
The dash piece that im tryin to find is the insert the holds the guages like the one in this pic..This pic doesnt show the damage on this thing , its pretty bad ..If u look close to the right of the steering wheel u can see where it has started to fall apart and the guages on that side are falling through to the inside

Also the boat has perfect pass on it which I know nothing about . The dislay box is mounted on the dash to the right of the steering wheel . Does anyone know if this model Perfect Pass is worth a crap or am I gonna have to upgrade ??? It does come on when u turn on the ignition , but I wouldnt have a clue as how to work the thing

11-02-2011, 06:43 PM
the bow all stripped down and cleaned

11-02-2011, 06:59 PM
First off you stole that boat.

Second just remove the dash and fiberglass the backside and repair the existing piece. They do not make them anymore. You may find one on this site from a dealer selling an old piece or from someone parting out. There are threads of this repair too.

Has the engine been in salt water. What is all over the valve covers.

Even if you have to rebuild the engine that would be less than 2k.

What transmission is in it.

This site will help you with rebuilding the entire boat.

As far as the perfect pass or PP on here go to their website and read the instructions. Basically too much to type out. Under the drivers foot area or behind the dash will be a master module and that will help starting with the style of pp you have. Another thing is with the pp instructions it can guide you to see which version of pp you have. PP is basically a really high tech cruse control to keep speed perfect while skiing or wake boarding. It saves marriages and girl friends as you program it and all they have to do is steer and you don't have to worry about variable speed, basically keeping you from chewing the driver out for not keeping a steady speed.

As far as versions lets keep it simple. I assume since you did not know what it was that you are not a tournament skier. I'm almost 100% positive that your version will be just fine. The stargazer is gps driven and really not needed unless you plan on being a slalom king and skiing tourneys.

You have a BAD A$$ little toy there. Get rid of that ole bayliner and keep the real boat. :D

Welcome aboard

11-02-2011, 07:02 PM
BTW that boat after repairs should sell $12.5k all day long. Just FYI. Yeah you stole that.

Do explain how you got it for that price. You must have mad skills.

11-02-2011, 08:14 PM
Nice find.

Another MC rescued from a boat abuser.

Winter project that will be all good times, all the time next summer.

11-03-2011, 09:25 AM
KYLE : thanks for the info on the dash , I figured I would have to glass it , but it never hurts to ask. The perfectpass isnt new to me , ive used it in buddys boats alot , but never seen an old one with the box style display box , Only the newer guage style. The valve covers have some corrosion on them from sitting I guess , It has never been in salt water or even been around salt water , but I agree it does look like salt corrosion . I am going to put a can of degreaser to it and see how it cleans up with some soap and a brush , then probaly end up painting the valve covers and replacing the hoses and little things.

About the boat .....I found it from a friend of a friend , and the guy that had it was pretty well off. All service was done through the dealer since day one . The guy knew nothing other than turn the key and ski . He and his wife got into realestate about the time they had kids , from what I understood she didnt like the water much anyway, and the boat sat winterized for a couple of years under the cover. Fast forward til now , the guy emails my buddy that used to ski with him on a weekly basis and asks him if he wanted to buy it beings they were good friends and he wanted it to go to someone he knew rather than a stranger. My buddy just bought a Tige and says no I cant buy it but I know a guy looking for an older prostar . A WEEK before this I told my buddy to be on the look out for a mastercraft for me and then boom . There it is. So the boat was in St.Louis and im in memphis , so I wanted to see it bad . I looked at the pics and we decided to go and look at it , I told the guy i was there on business and we may just stop by and look at it...I took tools and a fresh battery because I planned on bringing it home, but he didnt know that..!The boat was in a small backyard right in downtown st louis sitting under the cover that was covered in mildew . Good thing these boats are fiberglass through and through, it would have been rotten !! I started to nitpick the crap out of it and saying anything I could to get him to come off of the price. Seeing how the guy took it to the dealer for everything he thought that the dash being messed up and the small things that it needed was gonna set him back like 4 more grand to fix it so he let it go from 6 to 4 and I was happy with 4 , hell I was kinda happy at 6 but wasnt gonna show it. I then started in about the trailer needing bearings and tires to make the trip back to memphis ... 3 Grand ....SOLD SOLD SOLD. as soon as the paper work was done I took the tires off and had already found a tire store 1 mile away ..As they mounted my tires for the next hour I changed bearings and seals in his back yard... I still cant believe I got out of the place that slick but the way my lifes been lately I needed this one to go smooth..

Brand new sunbrella bimini
Hot Shower
Perfect pass
Depth finder
Cd player and 4 polk speakers
4 blade oj prop
nice teak deck that has been kept inside the garage and oiled
351 windsor
Velvet drive tranny ....

I thought I would throw in a pic of the bayliner ...I know its a bayliner but I have loved this boat since the day I bought it..All work done on it by myself. I made the speaker cans , light bar, and bimini top and it has an upgraded wraparound style interior with layout pad in the back. Hopefully I will get her a new home come spring if all goes well with the 205 ....

11-03-2011, 04:15 PM
Nice steal! That is one sweet boat, and one of the best all-around hulls ever made. A huge step up from the I/O world. Welcome to the boards.

Can we see some pics of the speaker cans, light bar, and bimini you made? Guys on here are always looking for projects, and if you've found a way to home-build some of those things with good results you'll be sitting with the cool kids in no time. (someday I hope to sit with them).

Also, from the look of the bayliner and the pics of the 205 so far, it looks like you've got the required boat-OCD syndrome it takes to hang around here. Can't wait to see more as the 205 comes back to life.

11-14-2011, 06:02 PM
Heres a pic of the dash in the boat before I pulled it , you can tell how the piece is pulling away from the dash and the screws have pulled out.

The next pic is of the piece once its out of the boat . U can see now from the back where it is missing completely in the right corner and broke on the left .. It is cracked all along the top but pic doesnt show it ...

The last pic is of the first coat of resin and fiberglass on the backside ..The corners are remade and holes are starting to come back to shape .. I am really considering taking the vinyl off the front and glassing the front and then coming back with some finishing glaze and making it pretty and then basecoat / clearcoat the thing in white . should look good with the black dash and black guages ...? What do yall think ????

Deer Season is here so im working on the thing but its slow going .. Got the dash piece started up and the swim platform sanded and first coat of teak oil ..Ordering odds and ends and taking it easy through the next couple of weeks ... more pics to come

11-14-2011, 06:11 PM
Awesome find, awesome deal (or steal).

Good thing you've got some pictures to remember your Bayliner with - 'cause you'll probably never set foot in it again:)