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Okay, first off yes I have searched and yes I have a lot of info

I have east tx skiers winterizing checklist. Very helpful!

Now, I really just want some clarifications on what I should be doing to my particular engine and how to do them. I am 20 and doing this for the first time so I really want some guidance to make sure I dont f it up.

When you tell me how, try to explain to me clearly what parts your discussing. I know general and simple terms but sometimes get lost. maybe even some pics to clarify

Any help you can give me would be awesome, plan on tackling this the next few days

1985 with the 351w

11-20-2010, 07:04 PM
Locate the hose near the trans coming from the bottom of the boat follow it into the metal tube ( strainer) about 12"-18" long with trans cooler lines coming off it. After getting boat warmed up , load on trailer and remove the hose only from bottom of boat and put that end in. 5 gallon bucket, put 2 gallons of antifreeze in bucket and start boat, pet it suck up antifreeze then shut off. This has worked for me the last 26 years. I live near Chicago so we get severe winters. Their is other things you can do like stability, fogging, changing oil etc.. I have a spare hose and just take the end off at the strainer as it's easier and put spare on the strainer then into antifreeze. Tou can also use rv antifreeze but use more, it's also cheaper and safer. Lots of people drain the block, manifolds etc. And I've also done that in the past but the last 15 years I have only used antifreeze or rv.

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okay so if I do the antifreeze I dont have to drain the block? and if I drain the block can someone tell me where all the plugs are located?

how much oil/what type do I need for the oil change? filter type?

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I have an 84 S&S with the 351W. I winterize it myself and live in Utah. Here is what I do.
1. Put stable in the gas tank.
2. Warm the engine up to operating temperature or just take out the stat.
2. Run the engine until anti-freeze is coming out the back and then start to fog the engine, shut it down.
3. Extra: I pull the drain plugs anyway to drain the block to be safe. The two in the back of the manifolds and the two brass plugs located on the block front right and back left. I also take out the impeller and all coolant lines. This might be a little over board but it's a safety measure, better than replacing an engine. I don't change the engine oil until spring but it's up to you.

Hope this helps, there is plenty of help on here.

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Every question you ask has been answered many times here on the forum. Read up a bit.

The first link is the one I couldnt find...it helped, sry if I seem ignorant but I did search and read

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Thanks for the replies guys

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how many quarts of oil should it take is the only thing I cant find? I need a freakin owners manual lol

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Alright, Thanks for all your help. Think I got what I need.

Found the manual section too, not any 85s but similar engine wise ones