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11-08-2010, 11:42 PM
The boat is a 2003 197 TT and over the years I've done quite a bit of custom work to it. This winter is the start of my biggest projects yet. The boat gets used pretty hard and usually has several people on it everytime I go out. It stays outside at all time since in the summer I use a lift which has no roof and while its on the trailer in the winter there's no excess garage space to store the boat. So for every custom project I take on I usually have the goal in mind of making the boat hold up better to the rough life it lives.

Projects I have taken on so far
-Closed loop cooling ssytem installed
-Stainless steel gas shocks
-Flush Kit pro installed with hose hook up mounted to transom (same fitting as SS boats)
-Tinted Windshield (20%)
-6 x JL 7.7" speakers
-2 x JL M-series 600x6
-1 x JL 10" sub
-2 x Wetsound Pro60's
-1 x Wetsound Pro485
-2nd Battery
-Custom Gauge Plates (old ones started bubbling)
-All brand new Factory vinyl covers (not installed yet, waiting until old ones tear)
-Chrome transom Mastercraft decal
-Underwater LED's (red)
-Custom courtsey lights all around boat interior(also red)
-Black shift knob, steering wheel center, and gas cap

As for my current project my goal is to get rid of as much possibility of mold and to clean up some bad wiring. To begin I tore out all of the carpet under the observer seat compartment all the way up through the bow of the boat. I am creating a custom panel that will mount up to the inside wall of the compartment, which will be used to mount my amplifiers and electrical components. As for the carpeting, the new panel will be wrapped up black carpet as well as on the oppostie side(inside of the hull). For the floor I am going to be using a weaved mat product that is found in the compartments of some of the new model mastercrafts. This will allow any water that comes over the bow to flow straight in to the bilge and not get soaked up by any carpet, thus not allowing any mold or trapped moisture.

Here are some pictures

After this project is completed I will be removing all of the carpet in the boat, then replacing that with 1/4" panels of starboard all custom cut with a CNC Mill. This way the boat can be simply rinsed out after use and then down the road have a snap in carpet installed to still look nice.

11-08-2010, 11:44 PM
Some other pictures of the boat