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10-11-2010, 10:50 AM
So I'm thinking about changing out the prop on my X-45. Is there anyone who has done this on a 45? If so, whats your setup and experiences? I'll be talking to the guys at OJ soon, but would like to know if any of you have any input. Also, typically when re-propping for better holeshot due to added weight/ballast, whats the result on fuel economy? I'd think it would go down. Thanks!

Ole Miss Rebels
10-11-2010, 12:01 PM
14.75 X 15.5 for maximum hole shot. you will lose a few top-end mph and the fuel economy drops slightly but the response and locked in speed is remarkable. it is worth whatever little more gas you might burn for the improved performance. talk with eric at oj and ask him about the prop i mentioned. tell him ole miss rebels sent you to him. he has helped me with 4 props through the years on my three xstars. '99 with ltr, 05 with mcx and 08 with L18

10-11-2010, 02:05 PM
Talk to OJ, I think he will help.

Yours will vary depending on the engine. Yours may react differently than mine. Plus I have seen you use more weight and more people than I usually do. I have the L18 with a 14.75 X 17.5. My hole shot is awesome with 2,000 pounds total. But I wakeboard at 4100 RPM with that load. I think to cruise at a lower RPM, I would have to sacrifice hole shot. Because my current hole shot is good, I might be able to increase pitch even more, and get lower RPM and overall lower gas consumption. Haven't talked to Eric, but will visit again with him. And this thread reminds me to give him a call.

I am getting about 10-12 gallons per engine hour with that setup on the L18.

Ole Miss Rebels
10-11-2010, 02:21 PM
i have an 08 xstar with L18 and 14.75 X 15.5 prop. i ride at 22 mph and factory ballast with another 1000 lbs or so. my rpm's are around 3150 and my fuel usage is around 9 gallons/hr. i could prop up to the 14,75 X 17.5 (my back-up prop) but i love so much the instant response of the 15.5 that i have just stuck with it and pay the difference. we live on a small lake and so i never have far to go to get back to the dock.

10-11-2010, 03:51 PM
I might be able to add some insight here.......

I am currently searching for more top end and more power. I am currently running the 14.25x14.75 prop with my LY6 in my 45. I have had numerous conversations with Eric at OJ in search of the best prop for my situation. All of my tests were performed at sea level.

I tested the 14.75x15.5 per Eric's recommendation for the best overall performance for what I was after. I did notice a slight holeshot improvement and top end of 2 MPH and no noticable fuel consumption change. I did notice a small cruising improvement while wakeboarding and surfing, slightly less RPM jumping. Eric was nuts on with his evaluation. For more top end I tried the 14.75x17.5 prop and noticed a top end improvement of about 3-4 MPH but a loss of holeshot and mid range performance was horrible. Fuel consumption was horrible as well because of having to use lots of throttle input to get the boat to move. I would not recommend the 14.75x17.5 prop for the LY6 at all.

I will be switching to the 14.75x15.5 prop next spring or repowering my 45 with a L18. :)

10-11-2010, 04:16 PM
Interesting. Keep it coming.

Forgive my lack of knowledge, but would you guys know what stock prop I have? 09 X-45, LY6 engine.

Here's where I am... typicall riding I am stock ballasts full + 1750lbs on top. When I add another 550lbs or sometimes 1100lbs the holeshot struggles. It gets worse with more fuel and with the number of people in the boat. To a point where I have to trim down, all the way, to plane off, then trim back up to get the monster wake.

I do not care about top end. My boat rarely sees 30+ mph and is strickly used for boarding. I'll see if I can get some gph (gallons per hour) figures over the next week or so.

10-11-2010, 04:35 PM
You should have the 14.75x15.5 prop. MC made the switch to that prop in '09.

I have the same problem when loaded down and the only thing I have found that helps is doing the same thing you are - wake plate all the way down and move back up when running desired MPH.
You have the option of propping way down since you don't care about higher MPH. Not sure what to suggest for a size since I am no expert like Eric. Best advice is to take all the info you have collected plus RPMs you are running with current prop and call Eric. Then test drive the prop.....

Otherwise you are having the same issues I am.............we need/want more power. :D