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The Boat
Not much support on oil cooler bracket
Think this is a little more than a drip!!! Guess I am going to learn about packing replacement. This is with boat static in water.
Closeup of wiring on starter to include new Battery Cable
Overall picture of starter install from DB Electrical
Grabbed wrong picture here but have a steady stream of water pouring into bilge from bottom of shaft, guess that is going to be one of my new and...
Wiring hookup to remote solenoid on new starter. Cable to starter now goes on same post on remote solenoid as battery cable. Big post on solenoid...
New Starter from DB Electrical for under $100. Supposed to be a marine starter works great so far and definitely spins the motor up quick. Just a...
Applying heat shrink to cable end. Work was done at a local battery shop. All wires and ends fitted for about $55, definitely makes a difference when...
Crimped cable end
Crimping of cable end
Nasty old battery wire on bottom, the discoloration is corrosion. Had already cut about 12" off the cable, corrosion was throughout cable. Red wire...
New battery wire
Test stand at National Carburettor. Showed them some of the negative threads that were floating around Team Talk message board. They bent over...
Remanufactured carb from National Carburretors in Jacksonville. Had good luck with it so far and great support from National
Old Automotive carb as installed by previous owner at some point, developed fuel leak at Vacuum Diaphragm for secondaries, causing me to replace it.
Automotive carb that was installed by previous owner
Just towed back from PO in Orlando
Just towed back from PO in Orlando
Just towed back from PO in Orlando
Back yard
Not much clearance on lift and tower!

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