surf system guarantee

Best Surf Or We buy it back

For a limited time we?re offering up something pretty special. When you purchase any MasterCraft with a surf system?that?s all of our boats save for the ProStar?between now and March 31, you have 30 days from delivery to get it on the water and get to know it. We?re so confident in the stoke our surf system brings, we will buy back the boat if you don?t love it. You read that right?we?ll refund your entire purchase including taxes.

We?re this confident in the surf our boats roll out because of the systems that make the waves. Each one, Gen 2 Surf System and NXT Surf System, is custom-designed for the hull of each different boat model we offer. Every part works together, from the software to the shaping device, to create the best and most customizable surf experience behind any towboat on the water. Not only are we proud of it?the industry agrees: Gen 2 Surf System won a National Marine Manufacturers Innovation Award.

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