Stoke your sessions with perfect waves for everyone in your crew. Each model in the MasterCraft lineup delivers amazing waves thanks to the Gen 2 Surf System. This is why adjustable waves are the ultimate way to make summer awesomer.

How Dockstar works



Everybody Wins

Drivers love it because it’s so simple: one-button control of all the variables (ballast, speed, and shaping device angles). Surfers love it because each wave is tuned for them, so everybody on the boat—from beginner to advanced—gets infinitely adjustable, clean waves that roll out tailored for their tastes, board types, and ability levels: Easy to epic, breaking left or right, steep or mellow…with plenty of push at all lengths. Gen 2 is precise and consistent too, so you can create the same unique waves across the widest range in the industry.
How Dockstar works

Your Wave,
Your Way


The Gen 2 Surf
System Components

The Hull
Each hull is engineered to displace water. Every model in our lineup has a uniquely designed hull to create surf waves.

The Ballast
Placement and weight of the ballast tanks, along with plumbing (and options like super quick FastFill Ballast Pumps or intelligent Switchback Ballast) are unique to each model.

The Wake Shaping Devices
With seven patents and counting, we’re continually innovating and improving our waves. The size, design, and placement of our shaping devices are unique to each boat model. These customized devices, when paired with our large range of adjustment, is how we create the best surf experience for everyone on board.

The Brains
The world’s most adjustable surf system is incredibly simple to operate. Software puts all the variables together—speed, ballast levels, and shaping devices—to make conjuring the perfect wave a breeze. The easy-to-use in-dash controls also feature a quiver of surf profiles to cater to every surfer.

How Dockstar works

The GEN2 Surf


The Components


Along with being the only company focused on customized wakes, we were the first towboat company to create surf technology, beginning in 2009. We’re also the only company to progress surfing technology performance, utilizing our team of Naval Architects. We’re the only company to ever win a National Marine Manufacturers Innovation Award for surf technology, with our Gen 2 Surf System. And since introducing the world’s first surf system, we’ve landed four NMMA Innovation Awards for boats utilizing our surf technology, including the currently available XStar and X24. That’s a big deal because no other towboat company has EVER won an NMMA Innovation Award for a boat. The bottom line: We have the best, most awarded, most adjustable system on the planet, resulting in more fun for everyone who surfs behind our boats.



Dry Weight: 5800 lbs
Gen 2 System: 4100 lbs
Fully Loaded: 9900 lbs

Boat X22


Dry Weight: 5500 lbs
Gen 2 System: 3550 lbs
Fully Loaded: 9050 lbs

Boat X24


Dry Weight: 6100 lbs
Gen 2 System: 4300 lbs
Fully Loaded: 10400 lbs

Boat X26


Dry Weight: 6900 lbs
Gen 2 System: 4150 lbs
Fully Loaded: 11050 lbs

Boat XT20


Dry Weight: 4500 lbs
Gen 2 System: 1700 lbs
Fully Loaded: 6200 lbs

Boat XT21


Dry Weight: 4800 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2460 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7260 lbs

Boat XT22


Dry Weight: 4900 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2700 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7600 lbs

Boat XT23


Dry Weight: 5000 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2600 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7600 lbs

Boat XT25


Dry Weight: 5200 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2800 lbs
Fully Loaded: 8000 lbs

Boat NXT20


Dry Weight: 3970 lbs
Gen 2 System: 1770 lbs
Fully Loaded: 5740 lbs

Boat NXT22


Dry Weight: 4300 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2150 lbs
Fully Loaded: 6450 lbs