APPROX. 0-5'


Build your confidence and hone your skills with a powerful, stable wave that’s great for learning to surf, recovering or riding out some chop.

APPROX. 5-10'


Get a strong push and a more defined lip edge so you can charge hard and get some air.

APPROX. 10-15'


Take it next level with the most vertical lip and steepest face to drop in and accelerate.

APPROX. 15-20'


We see you way back there. Exclusively on the X24, you can spread it out with room to roam, recover or surf bigger boards.

Serve up superior surf
for every skill level

Our Gen 2 Surf System not only serves up the best surf, but also the most customizable wave. Effortlessly tune it from easy to epic so everyone surfing has maximum fun. From beginners to advanced riders, our surf system has an endless wave for everyone. Go from mellow to steep and port to starboard—all controlled with one finger right from the dashboard.

You may see a stern drive with a device slapped on it and a surf boat label. Don’t be fooled, it takes much more than that to deliver the surf experience you’re looking for. Endless customization for your endless wave can only happen because Gen 2 isn’t a single device—it’s a comprehensive system. Custom designed for every hull we make, it consists of the ballast system to easily give you the displacement you need, two wake shaping devices that work with the hull shape to create the surf wave itself and the software that brings everything together seamlessly. And we’re not the only ones to notice: Gen 2 is the only surf system to win an NMMA innovation award. This is next-level surfing for every skill level.

see gen 2 in action

A System is Better
Than a Single Device

The Gen 2 Surf System is the industry's first customizable surf system. We are the only company that doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Gen 2 Surf System Consists of 4 Pillars:

01. The individual boat hull
02. The ballast system (including tanks, plumbing and placement)
03. Software to control it all
04. A wake shaping device beneath the transom that sculpts the wave

Each Gen 2 Surf System is designed for the individual boat model it’s paired to, so it works far better and creates waves that are cleaner, larger, longer, and have more push at all lengths.

Not Compromised

MasterCraft has the widest range of surf-capable boats on the market. And each of those models has a Gen 2 Surf System that is calibrated to its unique characteristics. This ensures a consistently shreddable wave regardless of which boat you're behind. And that wave is also adjustable so regardless of boat model, board type, port or starboard wave, all ability levels get the best experience.



Dry Weight: 5800 lbs
Gen 2 System: 4100 lbs
Fully Loaded: 9900 lbs

Boat X22


Dry Weight: 5500 lbs
Gen 2 System: 3550 lbs
Fully Loaded: 9050 lbs

Boat X24


Dry Weight: 6100 lbs
Gen 2 System: 4300 lbs
Fully Loaded: 10400 lbs

Boat XT20


Dry Weight: 4500 lbs
Gen 2 System: 1700 lbs
Fully Loaded: 6200 lbs

Boat XT21


Dry Weight: 4800 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2460 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7260 lbs

Boat XT22


Dry Weight: 4900 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2700 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7600 lbs

Boat XT23


Dry Weight: 5000 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2600 lbs
Fully Loaded: 7600 lbs

Boat XT25


Dry Weight: 5200 lbs
Gen 2 System: 2800 lbs
Fully Loaded: 8000 lbs

Fill It
and Forget It

Our touchscreen controlled surf system is super easy to use. The ballast tanks are filled once and that's it—the boat does the math and dials in the perfect wave every time. No moving people around. No emptying and refilling tanks.

Surf Smarter
Not Harder

Let the other guys deal with prop torque and high-RPM issues from dragging a plate through the lake. MasterCraft's Gen 2 Surf System puts less strain on the engine. This means the boat drives better because there is minimal yaw, and no exhaust or steam clouds to surf through. Not to mention the Gen 2 Surf System delivers better fuel efficiency, which means more time on the water.

The Components