For 2021, we've taken everything you've come to love and expect from the ProStar - its impeccable wakes and exclusive DNA - and designed it with thoughtfully integrated features that cater not just to the skier, but to the driver and crew. 

You wanted more attention to detail - and we delivered.

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The ProStar you know and love, evolved.

  1. Wakes at any speed or line length are still the best in the industry.
  2. MasterCraft quality and ProStar legacy you expect.
Boat handling system
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2. Tracking and Steering

New hull rails and added tracking fins make this the easiest driving ProStar ever.

  1. Hull rails, proprietary technology that make for the best tracking ever.
  2. Four fins for superior tracking.
  3. Tunable rudder for a customized steering experience.
  4. Elimination of steering clevis creates direct connection for more responsiveness.
  5. Course driving features for a more precise boat path.
Man driving a ProStar through a course while pulling a skiier.
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Redesigned helm experience with 10" Touch Screen.

  1. 10” screen featuring new 3 event software and matte display finish.
  2. Stereo comes standard with completely integrated controls.
  3. Minimalistic low-profile helm with non-reflective black top.
  4. Steering wheel centered on driver and improved driver seat adjustments.
  5. Increased storage for the driver and convenient phone holder with wireless charging station.
  6. Battery switch more conveniently located.
Steering wheel of a ProStar.
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4. Construction Process

Advanced construction methods allowed for a total deck redesign.

  1. New tub deck design and steel yoke provide less flex and creates a quieter, sturdier ride.
  2. New pylon mounting system integrated into the hull and deck lock the pylon in place.
  3. Redesigned motorbox provides larger forward intake vents and increased airflow in and out for better engine performance.
  4. New motorbox channel creates a better seal and quieter ride.
  5. Larger 32 gallon fuel tank.
Overhead shot of the inside of a ProStar
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5. Comfort and Usability

Thoughtful additions to improve the driving, riding and skiing experience.

  1. Modular seating features in the bow and aft including removable seating and judges seat with flip down walk-through.
  2. Interior comfort customization—Flooring (SeaDek, Decadence, carpet or fiberglass non-skid) and exclusive vinyl options like CoolFeel.
  3. Bimini, tower and windshield integration.
  4. Seamlessly integrated jump switch wire for easy access and a cleaner look.
  5. Ski racks integrated into the deck design.
  6. Rear storage lid design now opens to the side for easier access whether you are in the boat or on the platform.
  7. Lower swim platform for effortless access from the water, your dogs will thank you.
Ski sttached to the side of a ProStar.
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Includes trailer and stereo system. Excludes taxes, freight and prep.


  • Boat Length

    20' / 6.1 M

  • Beam

    96" / 2.44 M

  • Boat Weight

    3300 lb / 1497 Kg

  • Fuel Capacity

    30 G / 113.5 L

  • Seating

    7 People

  • Capacity

    1341 lb / 608 Kg

  • Interior Width

    85.25" / 2.16 M

  • Draft

    22" / .559 M

  • Boat Height **

    64" / 1.625 M

  • Hull

    Direct Drive

  • Storage

    31.75 cu ft / 1.24 cu M

  • Wake & Activity


*Interior width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel

**Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 lower to the lowest point of the boat's running gear.

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