Make it yours

Comfort & Convenience

The Comfort and Convenience Package revs up the class with tons of premium extras—like a removable ski pylon, convertible center rear seat and Cordova premium cooler so you can stay comfortable and flexible on the water. A mooring cover, stainless steel fender clips and Bimini top with surf sleeves keep your boat and boards in pristine condition, while integrated docking lights help you ease back into the slip. No matter what you’re up to on the water, this package will add total swagger to your setup.

Some exceptions may exist based on boat model. See your dealer for details.

Sport Handling

The Sport Handling Package is designed for the connoisseur of the smooth ride and best in class handling. With features built to increase handling and ease out the ride for folks on and off the boat, this package is a must-have for anyone wanting to carve with the utmost precision. The Dockstar Handling System delivers revolutionary steering control in reverse, while the center tab plate gets the boat on plane faster.


Every MasterCraft boat is available in a Saltwater Package. The boats offer the same level of luxury and high performance as our freshwater models, with a key difference: each Saltwater series MasterCraft is protected with our exclusive Lifemaster construction process. Internal stringer grids are reinforced for a rock-solid ride in big water. And every component that comes in contact with saltwater has been reengineered with waterproofed and corrosion-resistant parts. Sacrificial anodes further preserve underwater running gear from galvanic corrosion.

Some exceptions may exist based on boat model. See your dealer for details.

Gen 2 Surf System

With award-winning control over the forces of nature, the Gen 2 Package turns your vessel's wake into a never-ending surf day. The Gen 2 Wake-Shaping Devices live under the stern of your boat, ready to be deployed with the push of a button. Ballast bags inflate in seconds, giving your boat the weight it needs, while the Attitude Adjustment Plate keeps your surfers surfing and you driving confidently. It’s the ultimate union of cruising and crushing the surf.

Some exceptions may exist based on boat model. See your dealer for details.

Premium Audio & Touchscreen

The Premium Audio and Touchscreen Package starts with the upgraded 8-channel amp, the premium M Series speakers and sub, and the Fusion UD750 Radio with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, then it pumps up the jam even more with a bigger 7" full-color touchscreen display and dash tweeters angled right at the driver. Full sound, full control, fully loaded.

Advanced Audio

For the captain who likes to get loud, we offer the Advanced Audio Package. A new 5-channel amp kicks out more power to the upgraded Fusion IP750 Radio with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, while premium M Series speakers complement a bumping subwoofer. Turn it up this summer.


Make your moments more than memories with the GoPro Package. Pick your angle using the tower mount or the multi-location transom mount, then capture right from the dashboard touchscreen thanks to an integrated interface cable. Get the best angles and capture the good times effortlessly.

Custom Color Accents

Amp up your style with the Custom Color Accents Package. Rock out with color-shifting speaker lights, take your ZFT7 tower up a notch with unique color options, elevate your interior upholstery with premium baseball stitching and turn heads with exclusive gelcoat patterns and metal flake options. Make it classic, make it bold, make it yours.

Surf Edition

For iconic style to go with your endless wave, add the Surf Edition Package. It’s a nod to classic surf that starts with an iconic garapa and ipe wood platform and custom DECKadence® carpeting, then rides it all the way in with a beach/mocha interior and exclusive surf graphics. Only available on the X20, X23 and X26.