Meet the Heavy-Hitting New Sound of Summer

The best boats on the water now feature the best sound in the music industry. Klipsch has been making world-class, high-end audio equipment since 1946 and for the first time ever they?re bringing their more than 70 years of expertise to the water?exclusively on MasterCraft. Starting this year, the speakers on MasterCraft boats will be premium, custom engineered Klipsch speakers made specifically for on-water action.


Here?s how the new exclusive Klipsch speakers bring superior sound to MasterCraft boats:

MAKE SOME NOISE: One word: louder. Some more words: the amp uses less power in serving up more volume and provides much less distortion even when the levels are peaking.

POWERED BY BONGIOVI: The amplification is world-class too thanks to Bongiovi. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, its patented Digital Power System is custom to each boat and automatically adjusts in real time to your playlist. You get concert level sound no matter what tunes you?re ripping it up to.

BROAD DYNAMIC RANGE: Not just louder?the new sound system is tuned for a rich, accurate sound across a broad frequency. It doesn?t exaggerate any part of the music. Oh, and also definitely louder.

DESIGNED FOR WATER: From controlled directivity to completely watertight and protected from the elements?these speakers were made from the start to be on a boat.

Crank the dial, grab the handle, turn it up and set it off. It?s about to get loud this summer.